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Whatever chapter of life you are in, this is your opportunity to tell your story. Whether it's a love story, a sentimental story or a story about change. Your jewellery is a window into that story, that moment, that time, that memory.
For the man who wants to create something special. To design something never seen before; unique, one of a kind, something that speaks volumes and has impact whenever it’s worn.
For the woman who wants to take charge of her story, to wear jewellery that liberates, personifies and uplifts. A chance to redefine herself. Each piece holds her past, present and future.
For you who wants to express yourself. To say something new, to change how you feel. To give a window into your story and capture your legacy.

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Having been a jeweller for over 10 years now, I have always been obsessed with jewels. From the days I spent playing with my grandmothers to the hours I would spend walking through the fine jewellery halls at Harrods. I feel very fortunate to have found my passion, creating special pieces of jewellery that carry such meaning throughout chapters in a persons life. Whether it's an engagement ring, a wedding ring or redesigning old jewellery - when I am sitting with you talking about your story and discussing your design ideas, I am in my element.

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Write Your Story

Whether a present for yourself or a loved one, bespoke jewellery is one of the most beautifully intimate, luxurious gifts you can give.

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Jewellery-Redesign-Ring Jewellery Redesign

Reimagined Beauty

One of the magical things about bespoke jewellery design is how it can breathe new life into forlorn jewels.

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Case Studies

Fine jewellery should always be more than mere decorative luxury. Have a look at some of my projects below.

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