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‘Love, Me’ is more than just a ring.  It is a movement that champions women to choose themselves before anybody else.  We have entered an era of female empowerment.  A new age of women supporting each other and choosing not to be defined by their race, culture, sexuality or relationship status.

I created the ‘Love, Me’ ring through personal experiences of my own and experiences of the women around me who I love. I had to ‘choose myself’ from a young age and since then have been on a wild journey of investing in myself and learning to truly love myself before anyone else. This is where the inspiration for this campaign began.

Why have I created this ring?…

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Roseanna Croft Jewellery is a fine jewellery brand that designs bespoke and one of a kind pieces, to tell your story and capture memories.

The jewellery we design and create, focus on storytelling and emotion. We have a delicate and elegant flair which results in timeless design and feminine beauty, worthy of being passed down through generations to come.

They say bespoke jewellery design is the ultimate luxury; you can experience this at our design boutique in Bakewell, Derbyshire or come on a virtual design journey with us…

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