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Whether a present for yourself or a loved one, bespoke jewellery is one of the most beautifully intimate, luxurious gifts you can give. A hugely personal experience: the design journey alone provides wonderful memories to last a lifetime. But the pride and sense of self that comes from owning a stunning jewel created entirely for you transcend generations. For, whether we know it or not, our jewellery forms part of our legacy. It holds our treasured memories and stories — unique elements of who we are — cradled forever within its jewelled surrounds.

Traditionally, these stories represent significant chapters in our life, such as an engagement or marriage. Inimitable jewels that encapsulate your love story; such special pieces can contain secret details, from inscriptions to hidden gems, known only to you and your lover.

Custom-made jewellery is also a delightfully tangible way to remember a loved one, or a defining moment such as a graduation, milestone birthday, promotion or retirement. Or you can simply commission a work to let your individuality shine — there are no rules!

The story behind the jewel is yours, so shouldn’t you choose how it’s told?

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I’m often asked what ‘type’ of bespoke jewellery I create, but the exciting thing about personal commissions is no two are ever the same! Much of my work involves symbolic jewels, from bespoke engagement and wedding rings through to surprise gifts — eternity rings, say — for special occasions. Clients commission for themselves, too, adoring the empowerment that brings. Whether a cocktail ring or statement necklace, who doesn’t deserve beautiful jewellery, just because?

I’ve also a passion for remodelling old, neglected jewels; transforming pre-loved, unworn pieces to ensure their legacy lives on. Our past and its memories should be celebrated, not left gathering dust in a jewellery box!

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Commissioning a one-of-a-kind jewel should be about much more than just the final result. Working with me allows you to be as involved in the design process as you wish. Your bespoke journey will be carefully curated to ensure both the jewellery of your dreams and a creative experience you’ll never forget.

We’ll start by meeting (either in person or virtually — see here for more info’), to discuss three key elements: story, inspiration and design. We’ll explore your reasons for creating a unique piece of jewellery (your story), and what, if any, style inspiration you already have. We’ll also discover your design preference of precious metals and gemstones — from golds and platinum to diamonds and sapphires — creating mood boards together if needs be. You might have old gems you’d like incorporated; fallen headfirst for Haute Joaillerie you’ve spotted on Bond Street, or, conversely, no clue where to start!

No matter how jewellery-savvy you are, I’ll guide you through the possibilities, to help you find the perfect jewel for you and your budget.


Next, I’ll prepare preliminary design sketches for you, before finessing and combining your favourite elements to create a CAD (computer-assisted design). A brilliantly detailed 3D image, CAD allows you to picture exactly how your creation will look. Only when you’re 100% happy will my highly trained team of master goldsmiths and I start fashioning your one-of-a-kind jewel. Meticulously crafted to impeccably high standards, you can be sure your bespoke jewellery will carry your legacy for generations to come.

Can’t wait to start? Intrigued, but need more info? I’m here to help, so get in contact for a free, no-obligation chat, and let’s start your beautiful, bespoke journey today.

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“Roseanne was knowledgeable, creative and flexible with my design, even when I swapped from a ring to a pendant. The CAD design was excellent to see the end design. I was thrilled with the result: a stunning bespoke piece that I am sure my daughter will treasure for many years to come”


5* Google Review

“Just wanted to say a belated thank you for creating such a beautiful ring. Sam and I felt you really understood our brief and worked with us to create something completely perfect. It is absolutely stunning, and exactly what I wanted — elegant, understated and classical. I wanted something unique that truly felt like 'mine' and that is what I have. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone and would gladly come back any day for more!”


5* Google Review