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Specialising in bespoke engagement and wedding rings and jewellery redesigns. Carefully created, using exquisite gemstones and precious metals of your choice. Expertly crafted, each handmade jewel encaptures an incredible story…

In 2015, I opened my first fine jewellery boutique in Bakewell. The Peak District’s largest town, Bakewell proved the perfect launchpad for my bespoke jewellery designs. Five fabulous years later, I relocated the business to London and begun serving customers from my base in West London. Moving in the middle of a pandemic might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the opportunity to reach a wider clientele, whether socially distanced or virtual, was impossible to ignore!

Now, with more than a decade of designs behind me, I’m blessed with hundreds of happy customers worldwide. Knowing I’ve created deeply personal, one-of-a-kind jewels for each and every one of them makes me enormously happy and proud.

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A Brief History

Of Roseanna

If you’re to entrust me with transforming your story into bespoke jewellery you’ll adore, it seems only right I share a little of my own.

Growing up in Derbyshire and rural Scotland, I used to dream of creating beautiful, magical things. My brief stint as a fashion design student showed me a world of artistic possibilities and, ultimately, led me to train as a bespoke jeweller. And now I do create beautiful, magical things — and I couldn’t love my work more.

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My Jewellery Heritage

I’ve always been obsessed with jewels. As a child, I’d spend hours quizzing my grandmother about her incredible fine jewellery collection. Unlike any jewellery I’d seen then or since, each unique piece — from her wedding ring to her ??th birthday jet earrings — is a part of her story. Mainly created for her by my master goldsmith uncle (it runs in the genes!), these dazzling gems are my grandmother’s legacy. I know she has remembered my favourite pieces from those long-ago chats and carefully put them aside for me. When the heartbreaking day comes when she is no longer here, I will treasure them for the memories they hold.

For me, fine jewellery should always be more than mere decorative luxury. Each piece we own is part of our history; carrying with it a legacy that, one day, we may choose to pass on. It should speak to us and about us — so, it’s essential it says the right things!

I’d love every woman to know the joy of owning such bespoke jewellery: truly individual jewels that are hers and hers alone. We all deserve to feel the love and pride, that sense of self, that these ‘bejewelled memoirs’ so eloquently provide.

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A Purpose Bigger Than Myself

Two causes close to my heart are gender equality and responsible consumption. I want to see women around the world succeed and live their best life. We aren’t born with self-worth and confidence, so I’m working hard to help other women realise what they too can achieve.


I also believe passionately that people at the start of the jewellery journey — miners and gem dealers, for instance — should be paid a fair wage. I only use Fairtrade or recycled precious metals, and all my diamonds and gemstones are responsibly sourced, ideally from artisan mines where possible.


I’m busy developing ways to tie these initiatives together, so that Roseanna Croft Jewellery helps make our world a better place. Watch this space for more info’ and do get in touch if you’d like to share ideas.




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