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Bespoke Jewellery Remodelling

One of the magical things about bespoke jewellery design is how it can breathe new life into forlorn jewels that would otherwise never see the light of day. It breaks my heart to see old treasures gathering dust in a jewellery box. Unworn and unloved; these precious pieces once sparkled with stories to tell, but somewhere along the way they forgot how to shine. Yet with a little TLC, they could dazzle brighter than ever before.

Tailored perfectly to suit the life you now live; a customised remodelling is a wonderfully personal way of resurrecting neglected jewellery and transforming it into a piece you’ll adore wearing. Think of it as recycling, albeit in its most creative, luxurious form.

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Like a classic car that’s failed its MOT; sometimes a basic repair or re-sizing is all it takes to give a jewel back its ‘va-va-voom’. At other times a more drastic overhaul in the workshop is required, and that’s where the fun comes in!

Remodelling old jewellery is a wonderfully collaborative, creative process. As with designing a jewel from scratch, we’ll explore the story behind the original piece and the inspiration for its new form. We’ll also discuss which parts of the original jewel — from gemstones to precious metal — to recycle; plus, what, if anything, to source new. I’ll be honest with you about what we can and can’t reuse, so you can be sure your reinvented jewellery won’t just dazzle today, but for generations to come.

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What form your new jewellery takes is up to you. We can incorporate as many of the original design elements as you wish or opt for something completely new. Maybe a statement piece to celebrate your individual style? Or, if an inherited work, perhaps a design you can wear day in, day out, to remind you of its much-loved, original owner? The choice is yours.

The joy of remodelling is we can celebrate the past by presenting it in untold relevant, new ways. Virtually anything is possible.

I’ve given tired 90s pieces a 21st-century twist, and revived antique jewellery so old its origin was a mystery! A wonderful mix of the old and the new; one recent commission involved creating a contemporary engagement ring using diamonds from an inherited vintage brooch. Significantly, I’ve also transformed jewellery from ended marriages. Turning your old wedding or engagement ring into a striking jewel, embodied with new meaning, is an empowering, cathartic way of marking a bygone chapter.

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Do you own old jewellery you never wear, but haven’t a clue what to do with? Maybe you’ve inherited a piece that’s not your style but too sentimentally valuable ever to sell? Perhaps you’ve a now unfashionable past purchase, or jewels that, while gorgeous, remind you of a life you’ve left behind? Whatever the reason, if your gems are ripe for a revamp then get in touch now for a free, no-obligation chat.


Remember, jewellery deserves to be worn. So, let’s recycle with style and Save Our Sparkles.



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“The most beautiful recreation from my old rings…and such a lovely process to go through. I would highly recommend Roseanna. Thank you, amazing.”


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“Roseanna recently redesigned my engagement ring and I am totally delighted. The original was a chunky, yellow gold, 90s design and I wasn’t wearing it very often. The redesign is set in platinum and very elegant. Roseanna arranged a video call (due to social distancing), so she could get to know me and my preferences. Next, she worked on some sketch ideas and, when I decided the one I liked, she proceeded to the 3D rendering and final detail decisions before making the ring. The ring has exceeded my expectations and I love it! I can highly recommend Roseanna’s work and highly personal service.”


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