Roseanna’s 2019 Review

2019, what a year! I can’t really believe that I am writing this blog already.

Also, one of the only posts I have written this year because as of this time last year, I have incredible colleagues to help me. I wanted to do a roundup of 2019 because we foresee big things happening in 2020 (new decade and all that) and I love seeing where we have come as a business and as people. It’s also a bit of a memory test for me!

The Business

I am now 4.5 years of running a jewellery boutique in Bakewell, Derbyshire and every day I live the ups and downs of having a high street presence and every day I am also so grateful for my customers, who come to me and trust me on a friends’ referral, by stumbling across our website or social media or by a chance meeting with myself. So, let me begin by thanking every one of you, our customers, our social media following and whoever is reading this! Without your support we wouldn’t finish every year on such a high.

2019 review


This year began with exciting partnerships and meeting incredible women from all walks of life and building lifelong relationships. Fun photo shoots and inspiring talks, it was one of the most entertaining starts to the year I have had!

Willa Newton became a brand ambassador and we are so proud of the Eventing season she has had, overcoming many challenges.  Despite some injury and retirement setbacks, Willa has had some great results from Kelsall to Burghley, and I’m sure is set to do great things in 2020.

At the beginning of the year and with a new kick ass sidekick, I reevaluated my values and mission for Roseanna Croft Jewellery, realising I can use my company to help support women and empower them. I chose to do this with ‘Love, Me’ our simple ring that acts as your daily reminder that you will always love yourself, through thick and thin. Oh, and why should you have to wait for someone else to buy you a diamond?


Love, Me x

With the launch of ‘Love, Me’ we discovered we wanted to support a charity that meant a lot to us. Laura and I both set about the task of finding a charity and we both happened to, independently, come across Smart Works Birmingham, and so it was. This charity does an incredible job of supporting women who have been out of work, helping them become financially independent again by giving them interview coaching and giving them an outfit to make them feel the best they possibly can on interview day. This only scratches the surface of the good this charity does and I would love it if you could follow them on Instagram to help them spread the word.

Laura and I set out on a mission to raise as much money as we could, through ‘Love, Me’ and other fun ways of raising money. For instance, I jumped out of a plane! One of the best days of my life and I seriously can’t believe I went through with it. Thanks to everyone who has donated for this incredible charity, you have made lots of women very happy.

We also volunteer for Smart Works once per month because we love what they do. I coach them for interview and Laura helps them feel as though they can conquer the world in a killer new outfit. I’m sharing this with you because these have been some of the best days of my year, personally, knowing we can help empower women and because it aligns with the values of Roseanna Croft Jewellery so much.

And so as our self-love journey began, we have had so much incredibly positive feedback about it and the handful of incredible women we have reached with it have fallen in love with the ‘Love, Me’ concept and themselves which is beyond exciting. However, as we encourage women on their self-love journey, we have found there is so much more to do, so if you’re wondering why you can no longer see it on our website please be rest assured it is coming back with its own brand early next year. More on that in January!

So, we have celebrated love in all forms this year, for ourselves and for others, with having the privilege of making so many beautiful engagement and wedding rings. And just recently, a beautiful eternity ring for a Ruby wedding which on collection day, brought tears to both our eyes!


Oh my goodness, how can I forget – I was nominated for FOUR awards this year and I won one!! I seriously cannot believe it, it all seemed very surreal.   As part of the East Midlands Women’s Award I was nominated for Outstanding Female Entrepreneur of the Year, which was amazing as I was being recognised in my region for my entrepreneurship.  I was also a finalist in the Professional Jeweller Awards Young Designer of the Year category and nominated for an English Women’s Award.   It was great to be noticed but not just my business achievements but also my creative work. 

I then went on to win The Forward Ladies award for Young Entrepreneur! What an honour. Forward Ladies are an organisation that are on a mission to create a global platform that connects women to opportunities, networks, businesses and expertise that empowers them, and I absolutely love the work they do and what they stand for. 

A Bit About Me

Throughout the year as well I have overcome personal issues with mental health, the summer was a very difficult period for me which could have had a detrimental affect on my business but thankfully I have some incredible people around me who wouldn’t let that happen. As you all know, life isn’t always lollipops and unicorns, but I celebrate every opportunity and challenge given to me every day because it shapes us into who we are.

It has also been a pleasure to share my story to a few audiences this year, from The Network, local high schools to the amazing Princes Trust; I cannot wait to begin next year sharing my journey again with another year of highs and lows to add to the lessons.

2019 review

Our Favourite Pieces of the Year 

So, lets finish this blog with my five favourite pieces of the year – I’d love to know yours; we have a poll on Facebook where you can cast your vote!


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I cannot wait to share our plans for 2020 with you – it’s going to be another amazing year.

Love, Roseanna x