3 Bad Habits That Are Holding Back Your Self Love Journey

Whether it’s stress, worry, or anger, any number of negative emotions can easily stand in your way of finding happiness within yourself, never mind with someone else. Increasing demands on your time from family, friends, and work make it feel much harder to find the time for yourself.

So, when it comes to managing these obstacles, here are three common bad habits that are helpful to acknowledge and adjust when it comes to making meaningful change.


Holding On To Resentment

While wrong is wrong, it’s important to remember that forgiveness is for yourself, not others. Putting time and energy behind accepting and moving past grievances can help you heal and provide valuable learning that can help you to avoid similar situations or individuals in future. As with everything, this will become easier with practice and allow you to decide how and when you want to let go of the past and look to the future.


Dwelling On Criticism

Whether it is constructive, unintentional, or deliberately hurtful, critiques can be very hard to take. While it can be difficult, try to take a moment to thank the individual for their feedback, accept that it has been delivered and move on. If you are still struggling, take some time to meaningfully think through what has been said and put it all down on paper. Once you are done, put the note in a drawer for a couple of days and forget about it. Then return and read it back – you may be surprised how little that critique was based on reality and where there may be a kernel of truth, you can start making meaningful changes.


Stress about purchases

This year is seeing everyone tightening their belts. You are not alone in this and there is no need to feel shame. While it is important to budget appropriately, it’s important that you draw a line between being frugal and completely denying yourself of the little things that make you feel good. Setting some money aside for a new bracelet or a gorgeous self-love ring can help you regain that control and wearing it can help remind you of a time you acted for yourself and made meaningful change – something no amount of money can buy.

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