3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore The Potential Of Old Jewellery


If you've inherited a piece of old jewellery that has fallen out of style or doesn't suit your current aesthetic, heirloom jewellery design could be the perfect solution. In this blog, we'll be taking a look at three reasons why you shouldn't ignore the potential of old jewellery and how you can upcycle your unworn jewellery to suit your current style.


1) You Can Change The Style

Like any fashion statement or accessory, jewellery designs come in and out of style year on year. A piece of jewellery that you've inherited from a loved one who's passed away might not suit your personal taste, but by contacting an expert jeweller, you can redesign old jewellery to suit your style.

By working with a jewellery redesign specialist, you can choose your favourite parts of the original jewel to keep and choose which elements to recycle or source new to create a custom piece that's made especially for you.


2) You Can Keep Its Sentimental Value

If you've been gifted an old piece of jewellery, it's likely that it has sentimental value. Instead of leaving it in your jewellery box to gather dust, you can redesign jewellery pieces and keep their main elements so they retain their sentimental value.

Plus, repurposing old jewellery can even give you the opportunity to turn it into something that has even greater sentimental value. For example, you could have parts of your family member's old rings redesigned to create your engagement ring.


3) It's Cost-Effective

Remodelling old jewellery is also a great way to make use of gold that you already have. You can turn that sentimental heirloom or inheritance into a stunning custom piece that's unique to you while looking brand-new. Think of jewellery repurposing as a way of marking a fresh chapter in your life – out with the old style and in with then new, but with all of the original sparkle that made your jewellery a true part of you!

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