4 Reasons To Reset Your Diamond Ring

Jewellery is a little bit different from other high-value items. While cars might nosedive in value once they have a certain number of miles on the clock (unless they reach ‘classic’ status), some of the oldest jewellery can actually be among the most sought after. And so, if you have a piece which does need a little maintenance, that might not mean you should sell or discard it.

Diamond rings are one of the most revered types of jewellery, and in this piece, we examine some reasons to reset them:


Redesigning Beats Buying New

Buying a new ring costs much more than what you’d get for selling the ring, so if you redesign a ring you already have then you can keep the value. You might find that remodelling diamond rings makes them a lot more endearing than any new diamond ring you can see on the shelves. If you are considering the financial aspects of resetting or buying new, the former wins hands down.


A Sucker For Sentiment?

In many cases, a diamond ring means so much more to us than simply being aesthetically pleasing. Items of jewellery can be very meaningful, especially if it was a gift from a loved one. By resetting diamond engagement ring items, for example, you are creating something unique and priceless.


Upgrade and update

Resetting your diamond ring should not be viewed as merely a repair job. Anything is possible with jewellery redesign – at Roseanna Croft Jewellery we can make an old-fashioned design more contemporary and wearable. So if you wish to give your diamond ring a stunning new look which can bring it up to date with the latest trends, resetting can be the answer.


Passing the torch

In some cases, diamond rings don’t just hold a special place in the jewellery box of one wearer – they are a treasured item passed down through generations. For this reason, resetting can be an essential part of the preparation process before the item is handed down to the next recipient. The job could involve resetting diamonds into new ring designs, resetting heirloom engagement ring items, or having the item resized and updated to suit the next family member in line. If you’ve been wearing a weathered but treasured ring for years, or have inherited one, we can remake it to look as good as new.

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