A Diamond Dream to Design

This year I’ve had one of my most challenging design projects, and I’ve loved every second of it.


The necklet once the Diamonds were removed.

A couple came to see me one Saturday and placed in front of me a stunning necklet, 86 diamonds set in 18ct white gold, and as it turns out, there were not 2 of the same size!

She’s had this necklet for 10 years and was only ever worn for the odd, glamorous occasion, so for the majority of its life it had sat in the safe. I do find it sad when jewellery isn’t worn, that’s what we buy it for!!

So time to turn it into something striking, yet wearable. We went through the design motions, my customer had printed me some images which she had seen online all with a similar aspect, circles (and lots of diamonds). She informed me she’d ideally like a bracelet and ring if possible, so from these images I sketched her different possibilities and threw some of my own elements in. 

Processed with VSCOcam with j1 preset

86 Diamonds

Back and forth we went until we had a clear idea of what we wanted so I drew it on my 3D design software to get a rendering of what the pieces would look like in reality. She loved it.


The Completed Designs

The design was easy, the making – not so much! Having so many diamonds at different sizes and set in the way they needed to be set, it turned into a challenge which no one could foresee.

We ended up making some of the bracelet links twice, in order to achieve the perfection we strive for. Which meant setting the majority of these diamonds twice! I got a few blisters to say the least.

But in the end, it turned out to be such a rewarding job. Once the pieces were finished, I was over the moon – as I believe, was our client. I’ve learned a lot from this job (as you do from most) and I was so happy so see her wear the finished pieces.

Tell me, what do you think of them?


Aren’t they beautiful?