An Insight Into Roseanna Croft

Most of us have a true passion in life.  It could be a sports team, a band or a charity.  It could be just a way of life.

The two men in my life (my Dad and my brother) both have the same tattoo.  ‘Una vita vissuta veramente’, which means ‘a life truly lived’.  They are both determined to seize every day, to enjoy every moment and to challenge themselves continuously.  Their zest and joy in what they do is truly infectious and it’s hard to be around them without thinking about your own drive and where it comes from. At Roseanna Croft we are passionate about two things – jewellery and empowering women.  We believe that jewellery is made to be worn.   Jewellery can give you confidence; say something about who you are and where you’ve come from all at the same time. It can revive an old outfit, help you secure your dream job or, when given as a gift, say everything that words can’t.  Every piece of jewellery tells a story, and at Roseanna Croft it is our goal to tell that story or, if it’s an heirloom piece, to bring that story back to life.  Our bespoke pieces are entirely unique and we use our storytelling to champion every person’s unique tale.   With English luxury at our core, we take great pleasure in the finer things in life.  We live our lives to a high quality and standard that is mirrored in our jewellery, supporting British brands wherever possible.  We embrace diversity and always keep in mind a client’s unique qualities when making their jewellery.  Everybody’s story is different and tells you as much about where they are going as it does about where they’ve been. At Roseanna Croft we believe in inner and outer beauty.  We champion people’s talents, passions and achievements and celebrate them as if they were our own.  We believe that a woman shouldn’t have to wait for someone to buy her diamonds or jewellery.  She should know her own worth and be confident in her choices.  One of the questions we ask during our Bespoke Design Experience is “How do you want your jewellery to make you feel?”, because jewellery can be our armour; what we wear to go ‘into battle’.  Our goal when creating bespoke pieces is to inspire women to love themselves and others around them.  A Roseanna Croft woman is a woman who follows her dreams and realises their passion, and as they do that they will inspire others to shatter glass ceilings too.  We are inspired by the strong women of generations before us and determined that generations of women after us will be respected, cherished and celebrated. Find your passion and chase your dreams with fire within you.  If you are lucky enough to have discovered it, make it your priority and don’t worry about how slowly you are going, as long as you don’t stop.

Warm Wishes

Laura x