Amethyst Bespoke Bridal Jewellery by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

This week, I had the pleasure of finishing a beautiful lady’s, bespoke bridal jewellery. I am so happy with the result. As was my client I’m pleased to say! For your wedding day, being one of the most important days of your life, I find that your bridal jewellery should be one of the most crucial elements because it will carry your memories forever.
After downloading our Bridal Style Guide, my client contacted me for her free design experience with us so we could discuss designing her a beautiful bridal set.


When my client was christened, she was gifted a beautiful ingot of silver and wanted to incorporate this into her design to carry extra sentiment. She also wished to tie in the colour of her wedding theme, purple, and match her jewellery to the shape of her wedding band.


This was a great starting point for our design brief and so when she came for her design consultation we knew exactly where to start. We got some sketching done and decided on Amethyst for the gemstone and some Diamonds to frame it. The shape we went for matches the curves in her engagement and wedding rings. We also made the decision to melt down her precious ingot and use this silver.


The Amethysts have been tension set in Sterling Silver with flush set Diamonds to add extra sparkle.

My client picked up her jewellery this weekend and was over the moon. This is my favourite part of the bespoke process, my client opening her jewellery box and smiling.


I can’t wait to see the photos of her wedding next year and I know that her jewellery will carry special memories forever.


My client kindly left me a review on Facebook, which has made me extremely happy! This is why we do it. I had been looking for my wedding jewellery for ages and found nothing that I liked or matched my theme and colours. When I was christened, I had been given an ingot of silver and I came up with the idea of using this to make my jewellery. After contacting Roseanna, she was extremely accommodating in arranging for us to come to her shop and discuss ideas. After some quick sketches I was in love!! She managed to incorporate the design of my wedding ring with my wedding colours and the silver in a necklace, bangle and earrings. They are absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to wear them on my wedding day!! Will definitely be a future heirloom and something to remember my wedding day by.”