Aquamarine, for the March Beauties



Aquamarine, a pure and elegant gemstone for the March babies.


Aquamarine and Quality

A type of Beryl (like Emerald and Morganite,) the name comes from the Latin word for sea water. We can understand why with all those gorgeous colours like a crystal clear ocean!

It comes in various grades of quality from ‘B’ to ‘AAA’. The best qualities are a marriage of colour and clarity. These would be dark blue to slightly greenish blue with no visible inclusions; generally, ‘AAA’ quality.


Aquamarine and Lore

Some of the lore related to Aquamarine say it is a strong stone, used in battle and said to make the wearer unconquerable. I think we could all do with wearing one of these! It’s also supposed to quicken the intellect of a person, I must definitely try this!

The perfect birthstone for March, with it being the beginning of Spring. The pale shades of blue reflecting the blue skies we’re (supposed) to see at this time of year! I could stare at the beautiful gem all day.


Aquamarine and Where to Find it

Beryl variety aquamarine; The Dom Pedro aquamarine; 10,363 cts; Pedra Azul, Minas Gerais, Brazil; Object Number G10690

Unlike a lot of gemstones and minerals, Aquamarine is mined at elevations of 15,000

feet in the mountains of Pakistan. Another fun fact – the largest Aquamarine of gem quality to have been mined, is 19 inches long…! Incredible isn’t it!

Aquamarine however, is not the only, nor the original birthstone for March. There is also Bloodstone, which is written about in the Gregorian Tiffany & Co birthstone poems.


Who in this world of ours their eyes In March first open shall be wise, In days of peril firm and brave, And wear a bloodstone to their grave.


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