Aquamarine, Diamond and Platinum Engagement Ring


I’m so happy to be able to share the story of this Aquamarine, Diamond and Platinum engagement ring.  Bespoke jewellery design should be a collaborative, luxury experience, and that’s exactly what we provide at Roseanna Croft Jewellery. 

Whether you want an engagement ring for your loved one, wedding rings for you and your partner or to redesign an old piece of jewellery, we can create just what your heart desires.

You will be invited in to our boutique in the beautiful Peak District town of Bakewell to sit down with our designer who will sketch out some ideas and discuss your options.  You will then be sent a quote for your piece with an intricate computer aided design to ensure you are completely happy with the look of it before our expert goldsmiths begin the making process.

Once you have given us the go ahead and made payment we will begin making your piece, using only the highest quality precious metals and the most beautiful gemstones.  If you are redesigning an old piece of jewellery we may be able to use the existing stones and metal, but will, of course, discuss this with you first and decide on the best way to repurpose your piece.

At every stage of the process we will keep you updated, and invite you in to check and collect your piece once it is complete and polished up ready for inspection! You will receive a care guide and a valuation to keep with your piece for insurance purposes, and if convenient, we always love to see a picture of the piece being worn. 

If you would like to find out more about bespoke engagement rings, please click below to download our complimentary guide.

Love, Roseanna & Co x

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