One of a Kind Aquamarine Jewellery


Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and a stunning variety of beryl, the same mineral as Emerald and Morganite. With colours of the sky and crystal clear waters it is one of my favourite gems and I love including it in one of a kind pieces of jewellery.

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Aquamarine gives a sense of purity and calm in my view and was often believed to be the treasure of mermaids, giving good luck to sailors. I love the ocean and its calming effects, which is probably why I find this such a wonderful gemstone.


The best quality Aquamarines, used for jewellery, have a strong, dark blue hue to slightly greenish blue. They don’t have visible flaws and a good cut will allow this gemstone to really sparkle. This is Aquamarine can look amazing in an engagement ring but most stones below a carat have a paler colour, so potentially the bigger the stone the better in this case!


But while I can talk about the beauty and best quality aquamarines until the cows come home, there isn’t actually a grading system like there is for diamonds. If you’re buying one my advice would be to look for a strong colour and no visible flaws. Expect to pay for it, because it is more rare than blue topaz (which can be a similar colour) they are more expensive and classed as a more precious gemstone.


You can expect to buy a 8x6mm Cushion Cut Aquamarine (1.4ct approx.) with a strong green-blue colour for around £500. (According to prices March 2020.)


So, what jewellery have I created with stunning aquamarines? Last year I made the most beautiful Aquamarine Engagement Ring (see photo below). It’s made in Platinum with diamond and filigree shoulders, an aquamarine that was inherited and the piece redesigned into a modern-day heirloom.

I also have ‘Aqua’ in my couture collection, using Aquamarine and Diamond again, set in Platinum with a filigree design. A necklace inspired by the calming waves of the ocean; I’ll be sad to see this piece go. (But if you’re interested in investing in it, you can view it here and get in touch if you have any questions.)


I have created many beautiful one of a kind pieces of jewellery using aquamarine and I hope to make many more. One of my most recent are these Sterling Silver stacking rings, set with a good quality Aquamarine with a strong blue colour. A birthday gift that was to replace a lost and much-loved ring. I recreated this from a photo and my customers memory alone, a surprise planned out for his wife months in advance. A very thoughtful gift. I imagine if you’re reading this then its because you share my love for the aqua gemstone. If you’d like a one of a kind piece of jewellery creating using Aquamarine then please contact us and we can arrange your initial design consultation with our expert jewellery designers.

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