Art Deco Engagement Ring Redesign by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

A delicate, art deco redesign. This beautiful engagement ring was designed to match our client’s, Grandmother’s engagement ring from many moons ago.

She came in to the boutique, and on our first meeting told me how long she had been looking for an engagement ring with no luck. Our client was getting married this August and wanted to wait for the perfect ring but decided the best thing perhaps, was to have it designed especially for her.

Our client had been wearing her grandmother’s engagement ring and while she loved the design, wasn’t in love with it. It was worn, thin and made in yellow gold. It needed some serious attention if it was going to be worn for another lifetime.


So, after some thought and redesign, my client decided that we could keep to a very similar design as her Grandma’s.

Her Grandmother’s ring had 4 small old cut diamonds in a diamond shape, with milgrain detail around the metal.
I sent her a few options and here’s what we decided to do – Make it in Platinum, as she preferred a white metal, and add a larger old cut Diamond in the centre. Keep the diamond shape and milgrain details.


This way, my client now had the ring she loved, but her version and using her grandmother’s diamonds, has made it so much more sentimental.


That’s the thing about jewellery, it tells a story.

Jewellery captures so many memories, which is why it means so much to us. To redesign jewellery keeps old memories and creates new.
I loved creating this ring and I’m so happy my client loved it. She also left Roseanna Croft Jewellery an amazing testimonial on Facebook.


“I’d been looking for an engagement ring for months without success when my Mum gave me my grandmothers engagement ring. I loved the vintage style but I wanted to add my own touch to it. I took it to Roseanna and we discussed how we could do it. I left the ring in her perfectly capable hands and when she sent me the artwork for the new design I was blown away. And then when I collected the ring I was absolutely delighted – it was even better than the design! Roseanna had kept it true to the original style but with the addition of an extra diamond and now in platinum versus gold it was perfect for me. Thank you Roseanna, I’m over the moon.


Oh, and Roseanna also made me a fabulous pair of white topaz earrings for my wedding day which are stunning 🙂 my Fiancee is a little scared now as her studio is just down the road and off the shelf jewellery now for me just doesn’t cut it!!!!


Do not hesitate to go and see Roseanna, she’s brilliant, I’m so pleased I trusted her with such an important part of my wedding – thank you so much!!”