Autumnal Inspiration

Does anybody else find autumn a funny time of year?

We’re still hanging onto the summer that never was, waiting for the snow to fall so we can hibernate for the winter. When we leave the house we’re not sure whether we need a coat, do we need a scarf? Are we looking forward to winter and the special time of Christmas or are we missing summer and dreading the dark nights? It’s a tough one isn’t it?


I definitely struggle to get up at the early hour I like to, with the dark mornings it’s so hard to leave the cosy duvet! And when I am up and about, in the rain, I just want to put the fire on and conquer the world from the comfort of my living room! No such luck! So we brave the cold dark mornings and put the scarf on for comfort and battle through this funny season.


But autumn has its beauty and this is why I love it. The colours, the beautiful red leaves, the orange skies at dusk, pine cones, everybody cosy in their woolly jumpers. Gorgeous fruit and veg making those Sunday roasts and fruit crumbles. Misty mornings and the hope of bright sunshine throughout the day and the buzz that Christmas is around the corner.


What’s not to love? I even enjoy running in the cold! There’s something nice about the change in temperature from leaving the house to re-entering. So those cold mornings we have to battle through to get started on our day we should make the most of it by enjoying autumn before the harsh winter. Wear your favourite cosy jumpers and socks, embrace the frosty walks and admiring the beautiful colours that nature gives us and enjoying that glass of red wine in front of the fire at night. It will make the season change so much easier!