Bakewell in Bloom by Roseanna Croft Jewellery



Supporting Bakewell in Bloom

This week, it has been the annual Bakewell in Bloom judging and have we loved taking part and decorating our window display!

Britain in Bloom is one of the largest horticultural campaigns in Europe and each year Bakewell enters the East Midlands regional competition in the small town category, the judging taking place this week! The aim of the campaign is to encourage the improvement of our surroundings through good horticultural practice and to achieve a litter free, sustainable environment.


Not only the delightful retail sector of the town is considered but public and residential gardens and the natural environment. Trees and wildflowers in the area, in fact all aspects of horticulture and landscape are considered also.


This year the theme is ‘Landscape within a Garden’.

The idea behind this is to support gardening for therapy and well-being. Don’t we all love spending a sunny afternoon in the garden!?


In 2014 Bakewell won the Silver Gilt Award, just a few marks short of the next level of excellence and we hope to win this year!


We teamed up with local florist, Frances and Rose to display stunning locally grown flowers to promote the therapeutic side of gardening.


We asked Marianne, from Frances and Rose a few questions…

What made you go into floristry?

I have always loved flowers and my mother has always been a keen gardener, we would pick sweet peas in the summer to put in jars. Also collecting mint to put with peas and potatoes in the kitchen.

Growing up in the countryside, plants, greenery and flowers were all around. It wasn’t until I graduated and found myself on the inevitable job hunt that I found floristry. Mostly self taught, I have been on a few technical workshops and then working out how I liked to arrange flowers and finding out how it worked along the way. Making the move towards British Seasonal Flowers was a natural (pun intended) progression with my mother along side me, she was the plant expert and encouraged me to try new and different blooms and I was the flower artist, pestering her to teach me all the names of the stems I was using. We make a great team.


What is your all-time favourite flower?

My favourite flower is a Dahlia, their variety and the amazing shapes they form are truly one of the most incredible things in nature.


What would you say are the best flowers in a bride’s bouquet?

My favourite flowers for bouquets are probably actually just herbs, I think All seasonal flowers are amazing, but once you get some textures and scents in from mint, salvia, lavender and rosemary, the whole thing comes alive!


Finally, Marianne, how do you feel gardening can help with well-being?

I think gardening is incredible for your well-being. Personally I find it so peaceful to be at our plot, seeing how things are doing and taking time to look and listen and enjoy being outside. We often don’t spend enough time outside and gardening is a great way to get fresh air and try and slow down in a world of being perpetually busy and constantly relying on technology.