Because She’s One Of A Kind

The new bespoke, handmade range by Roseanna Croft Jewellery. It’s something special, something unique, created with love for beauty in bijou.

I have created this range and will continue creating special pieces for this range, for people who love classic jewellery, with a twist. For all of us who appreciate a unique yet timeless style.

The pieces from this range showcase gemstones from my own personal collection. Every now and then, a special gem catches my eye, and I just have to add it too my treasure box.

So when I find these certain gems my creative senses sparkle and my design brain starts ticking. When I know the design is right, I’ll make the piece and only show it to the world when I’m 100% happy with it.

While some of the pieces in this bespoke collection may not be to everybody’s taste, it is with great passion I create them. I create these unique, one of a kind pieces because we are all unique and everyone deserves a unique piece.

Because, She’s One Of A Kind.


‘It’s Love,’ the first piece in the collection ‘She’s One Of A Kind’