Being a Business for Good

In the last 6 years of running Roseanna Croft Jewellery I have always been looking for ways that I can create good and give back. I want to make the world a better place and I believe that starts with each individual doing their little bit to make a difference where they can.


It’s always been a huge passion of mine to support small businesses (especially female founded) where possible. I was supported by the Prince’s Trust in 2015 to begin building my business and I know first hand how difficult it is to start with just an idea and try to build the business of your dreams.




Previously, we have held events in my community in Derbyshire, supporting local charities by donating to raffles/auctions or running marathons for them. In 2019 we aligned with Smart Works Birmingham by volunteering as stylists/interview coaches and jumped out of a plane to raise money for their wonderful cause of helping make women financially independent!


I believe that one of the biggest ways we can create the life of our dreams is by supporting others and being a business for good helps me do this in so many ways.


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What is a ‘business for good?’


To me, it's simply a business driven by passion and purpose striving to make a difference in the world. That could either be by supporting local charities or worldwide charities striving to make positive change.


Part of my bigger purpose and mission is aligned with two of the United Nations ‘Global Goals,’ responsible consumption and gender equality. This year I have decided to partner with B1G1 to help give back to causes that support this, while carrying on the support I offer in my local communities in London and Derbyshire.


For every bespoke piece of jewellery we create at Roseanna Croft Jewellery, I now give a child in Colombia a two day workshop to help prevent them from having to go and work in toxic gold mines. For every podcast I record I am providing a micro-business loan to a woman in Malawi and for every person who attends a ‘Legacy and Heirloom’ talk I host, I will be giving support to the coffee farmers in Nicaragua.


I hope these little actions of love from myself will create a big difference in someone else's world.


Design Your Legacy


I believe that we’re all going to leave a legacy whether we realise it or not. Whether it's in the memories people have of you or the jewellery that you wear - it’s mainly in the difference you make in the world.


Designing bespoke jewellery for people, such as engagement rings or redesigning heirloom jewellery means I can help people pass on parts of their legacy throughout generations. Legacy is more than your jewellery though, it’s in the air you breathe and the difference you make. 


‘Design Your Legacy’ is the podcast I created in 2020 to highlight this. I have inspiring conversations with women about their life, legacy and jewellery so you can see how it all ties together. (Watch this space because I am also writing a book about how you can design your own legacy.)


Every way I am striving to be a business for good means that whilst I am building the business of my dreams I am also giving support to someone who may need it, in order to follow their dreams. A life you love is possible and I want to show the world that and offer support and encouragement in any way I can.


I challenge you to think about the legacy you’re leaving, the difference you’re making in the world and how considering your legacy will help you live a more fulfilling life.


To learn more about leaving a legacy with bespoke jewellery and making a difference you can contact me directly. Have a wonderful day. X


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