Bespoke Jewellery is Much More than Gold and Diamonds


Bespoke Jewellery is Much More than Gold and Diamonds

When you look at your jewellery, how do you feel? Do particular thoughts and memories come up for you? If you have a piece of bespoke jewellery especially – think of the story of having it made.

I was talking to a customer of mine this morning about the emotions we have attached to jewellery and that it isn’t simply a piece of metal and a few gemstones.

I give out an insurance valuation with every piece of jewellery I make, in case it is ever lost or damaged and you need it repairing but pieces of jewellery, to us, are priceless and this is something I so deeply appreciate. You just can’t replace the emotional value attached to jewellery.


Say your engagement ring was designed by your spouse, it was redesigned from your grandma’s engagement ring and uses her old cut diamond. He had it set in a delicate platinum setting and on the inside is inscribed with ‘forever, my love.’ This piece of jewellery must be so special to you and ultimately, irreplaceable. The money he spent doesn’t matter, how many claws the ring has, doesn’t matter, what’s it’s about it the love that your engagement ring represents.


Do you see what I mean by jewellery is so much more than metal and gemstones? It’s unspoken love, the memories and the meaning we give it.


Whether you’re thinking about a piece of bespoke jewellery for yourself, maybe redesigning some old jewellery or you’re looking at designing a bespoke engagement ring for your girlfriend, know that it’s the whole experience that you’re investing in, not just a pretty piece of gold and a sparkling diamond. Jewellery is so much more.


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