Jewellery Redesign and a Beautiful Bespoke Necklace

The redesign of old jewellery is something that we love to do at Roseanna Croft. There is something truly special about taking old pieces of jewellery that are unloved or worn and transforming them into something you can’t wait to wear every day.

We believe that every piece of jewellery tells a story, and we can continue the story of your old or heirloom pieces with jewellery redesign.

Many people aren’t aware of the incredible things you can create with old pieces, but there are so many different options.  Our jewellery designers can sketch out what you had in mind or provide you with inspiration if you aren’t sure about the style or materials you would like.

A much loved client brought in an old gold chain that she no longer used and wanted a unique and beautiful necklace creating out of the metal.  We sat down together at our boutique in the Derbyshire and sketched out some ideas.

This was one of those designs where our client didn’t have a clue what she wanted but after some chatting about her style and how she would wear the piece, we soon had the perfect design of organic shapes and added diamonds.

Every piece of this design was made by hand, beginning with melting down an 18ct gold chain (that weighed approximately 40g) and forming the organic shapes. This was a piece that took a lot of strength – it took about 8 hours to just roll down all the gold and form the different elements, and that was before joining them together, polishing and setting diamonds!

One issue we had with this piece was the pits on the surface of the gold once we had melted it down and rolled it out – a common problem with old gold! A lot of buffing and burnishing later we have almost perfect surfaces!

The end result was something truly unique and eye-catching.  Our client took the necklace on holiday soon after collecting it and said it truly sparkled in the sun, and was already getting so much joy from wearing it.

If you have some old jewellery that is sat, unworn, in the back of a drawer or in your jewellery box, why not contact us on the form below and book your complimentary consultation.  Let us help you continue the story of your piece and remake it into something that can be passed down through generations.