How to Choose the Best Gemstone Engagement Ring for Your Loved One

For the final part in this mini-series on how to choose the best engagement ring for your loved one we’re talking about the other big choice; the best gemstone to use for your engagement ring.

This choice is for you if you have decided you’re not looking for a diamond, you’re looking for something more unique.

I’m going to give you three main tips when it comes to choosing the best gemstone engagement ring…


Observe the Colours She Wears

This is a pretty big one because if you want to buy her a Ruby engagement ring, but she hates red, we’re in trouble. So, first things first, take note of what colours she loves and what she wears.

She may claim that pink is her favourite colour, but she may never wear it so it could clash with her appearance if she only ever wears green and black. (We women are complex creatures.)

Important point: She may also never wear green, but she may have hinted to you that she loves Emeralds, this would be an exception and an important point to remember!


What is Her Birthstone

If her clothing, likes and dislikes don’t give away any clues and you want to get her a sentimental stone, I would look towards her birthstone, or if you have a child, maybe incorporate their birthstone?

You can find a list of birthstones on google.

A birthstone engagement ring may not be a practical choice but have this discussion with your jewellery designer and if they’re an expert in gemstones then they will be able to advise properly.


What do you Want it to Represent?

Another thing to think of is the meaning behind the engagement ring, what do you want it to represent? Loyalty? A Sapphire engagement ring is a great for this. Love? Garnet would be an excellent choice. Passion? Ruby is a definite yes for me!

Please note if you google best gemstones for love then Rose Quartz will come up, while this is a wonderful stone it is not suitable for an engagement ring. It is the same for a lot of crystals and semi-precious gemstones, so it is always best to consult a jewellery designer you trust when choosing a gemstone for your engagement ring.



I hope you have found the information in these series helpful. If you missed the other blogs, you can find them here;

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If you’re looking for a gemstone engagement ring, then I imagine it is because you appreciate the beauty of a gemstone and aren’t just looking for the traditional six-claw diamond solitaire. You probably already have a precious gemstone in mind and are looking for reassurance that is possible/suitable.

Our jewellery designers are experts in rare and unique gemstones and engagement ring design, so you are in safe hands. If you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal chat about the gemstone engagement ring you would love to create.