The Best Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Best Gemstones for An Engagement Ring

Are you in the process of choosing an engagement ring for your girlfriend, and aren’t sure of which gemstone would suit the ring best?

Here I am going to talk you through the best gemstones for engagement rings and throw in a couple of more rare stones towards the end so keep reading!


Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond is the traditional gemstone for an engagement ring because they are the most valuable gem in the world, as well as the hardest material in the world. When it comes to choosing a gem for your loved one’s ring, it needs to be practical and withstand everyday wear and tear. (While I always advise jewellery shouldn’t be worn in the garden, when washing the pots or building a house, I know this slips people’s minds sometimes!)

Diamonds are mainly found and used in the colourless form, you can’t deny their alluring sparkle, but diamonds are also found in other colours such as yellow, blue, pink and black!


Sapphire Engagement Ring

An understated classic worn by the likes of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana before her, this deep blue stone is the second hardest stone on the MOHs scale and considered a strong option for that everyday use!

Sapphire, like diamonds also come in an array of colours though such as pink, orange, green and purple so if you’re looking for something more unique then a Sapphire is a wonderful option.

There is also such thing as a white sapphire, which makes an excellent diamond alternative, if that’s what you’re looking for.


Emerald Engagement Ring

Mossy green and oozing elegance, the Emerald is a very mystical stone that I just love to see set in yellow gold and surrounded by small diamonds.

Emerald symbolises love and new beginnings making it a popular choice for engagement rings. It is a little softer than Sapphire but is still fairly scratch resistant when it comes to hardness. (Rating 7.5-8 on the MOHs Scale)


Ruby Engagement Ring

Ruby is the same mineral as sapphire (corundum) and a deeply sensual gemstone in my eyes. They represent wealth, success and romance – how about that symbolism in an engagement ring?

Rubies are as hard as Sapphire making them an excellent choice. Large, high quality rubies are rare making them very valuable and sometimes as expensive as a diamond.


Morganite Engagement Ring

Now, a more unusual but very popular gemstone is Morganite. Found in hues from rosy pinks to sunset peach this looks wonderful set in rose gold which we have seen become very popular in the past few years. Morganite is the same mineral as Emerald therefore making it a lovely choice for an engagement ring. Especially if she is a lover of these romantic tones.


Tanzanite Engagement Ring

A beautiful and rare gem, violet in colour and a slightly different choice for a bespoke engagement ring. With this gemstone only being found in Tanzania, perhaps a proposal at the top of Kilimanjaro might not go a miss?!

It is slightly softer than your more traditional gemstones and therefore requires special care that your jeweller can talk you through if this stone takes your fancy. (This may be a stone for an engagement ring that isn’t going to be worn all day, every day.)

Using a more unique gemstone is a wonderful way to celebrate the differences and unique qualities your bride to be possess’. Don’t settle for being the same as everyone else.

These would all be wonderful gemstones to use in an engagement ring and there are some lovely options if you don’t fancy a diamond. If you’d like to talk to our expert designers, then please fill in the quick form below to request more information.

You can also view our own selection of engagement rings here, using some unique and beautiful gemstones.