The Law of Attraction – and The Attraction of Black Diamonds


Do you ever feel like some things are just meant to be?

You get in the car and a song comes on the radio and the lyrics are just what you needed to hear.  Or a friend sends you a quote that relates to exactly what you are going through.  I am a big believer in the power of the universe, and that the things you put out there will be reciprocated.   Have you ever noticed that you wake up with a positive attitude and then things just seem to go your way that day?  Or that you start your day feeling demotivated and then everything seems to go downhill from there?

We recently met our client, who we will call TK, at an event we were holding.  We got talking and she told me that she would love to have a piece made using a Black Diamond.  As it happened, Roseanna had one that she had brought all the way back from Australia and had been trying to decide on the best design that would show off its unique beauty.


TK has very strong links to Australia and instantly felt like this was meant to be.  She felt that she was meant to come to the event and mention Black Diamonds and that led her to instantly booking a design consultation.  When Roseanna sat down to sketch out the design, TK said that she wanted something clean and simple that wouldn’t overpower the Black Diamond and allow it to be the star.  Our bespoke design consultations mean that we can sketch out various ideas until we find the perfect match for you. TK had been pining for a Black Diamond piece for a while but had been told they can appear dull.  As you can see from the images, this definitely isn’t the case!  Black Diamonds have been on quite a journey.  Previously cast aside, they are now vying for position as centre stones in engagement rings.  There are only a few famous Black Diamonds, such as the 67.5ct Black Orlov, which was reputedly stolen from an idol in India in the early 1800’s.  Because of this it was deemed to be cursed and recut to break the hex!  In the late 20th century designers started using them in jewellery, mainly contrasting them with tiny colourless Diamonds in pavé settings.


Black Diamonds then came into the spotlight when Mr Big gave Carrie a 5ct engagement ring at the end of Sex and The City 2, then a couple of years later were seen on Carmen Electra and Kat Von D.  Desire for them has continued to grow.  Research into the cause of the colour of these Diamonds is relatively recent.  Today we know that most naturally coloured Black Diamonds get their colour from large quantities or clouds of minute mineral inclusions such as graphite, pyrite or hematite that extend throughout the stone.  These diamonds may have numerous fractures that are stained black or have become black because of graphitization.  It is the concentration of these internal features that are responsible for the colouration.    Natural colour Black Diamonds are typically opaque, with a high lustre that gives the stones an almost metallic appearance.   They are distinctive and unique and the perfect choice for a bespoke design that will really stand out.

The beauty of bespoke design is that you can be creative.  Roseanna and our gemstone specialists will be with you every step of the way to guide you in your design.  TK designed this ring with Roseanna to sit against another one that she had made in memory of her grandfather.  If you would like a bespoke piece of jewellery designing please fill in the contact form below and someone will be in touch to a arrange a consultation.


Thanks for reading and warm wishes,

Laura x