Midnight Glitter, A Story of Black Diamonds and Sterling Silver by Roseanna Croft Jewellery


New Collection: Midnight Glitter

Last week on Instagram we showcased one of our most recent collections, Midnight Glitter.
A range of glittering Black Diamonds and Sterling Silver with a frosted finish, designed staring at sky full of stars…


I love staring at the night sky, its full of inspiration and mystery. The sky can offer so much, the sky is the limit after all.

When I first imagined Midnight Glitter, I pictured a couple dancing under the stars. The passion between them noticeable by the sparkle in their eyes. Ball-gowns and tuxedos, glamour and elegance, love and lust. Midnight Glitter is a collection of simple elegance and creates a wow factor when it catches the eye. I think Black Diamonds especially, have a way of doing that.


And so I couldn’t stop thinking about the creation of it and I had to do it right away, it jumped to the top of the design list! (It’s a long list!)


Black Diamonds and Sterling Silver, What They Represent

I decided on the shape of a circle to represent the universe and the galaxy. The Black Diamonds, represent so much; the stars in the velvet sky; the couple dancing in the starlight; glamour and beauty. The frosted finish of the Sterling Silver is the icing on the cake, adding extra glitter, in a mysterious way. Giving the silver the shimmer of velvet.


This collection is proving to be very popular and it’s not even available online yet! To view the range, visit us in the Roseanna Croft Jewellery boutique! Alternatively, it will be available online by the end of July 2017.