How To Buy An Engagement Ring


So you’ve come to the realisation that your partner is ‘The One’, and now you have an important purchase to make, the engagement ring!  Where do you even start when trying to buy an engagement ring?

The answer is here, with our ultimate guide.  We’ve come up with an easy step by step guide that will answer any question you’ve probably asked yourself so that you can just relax and enjoy what should be an exciting and decadent experience.


Things to think about before you buy

  1. What’s her style? Have a look at the jewellery she wears every day.  Is her jewellery fairly traditional or more alternative?  Is it contemporary or classic?  This will give you a great starting point.
  2. Ask her friends. It’s more than likely that she will have discussed her likes and dislikes with her nearest and dearest.  Whether it’s a bold Emerald or a Pear Shaped Diamond, they should be able to point you in the right direction.
  3. Listen out for hints! As those around her get engaged, watch out for her comments on the rings given, it’s a really good way of getting an idea of the ring of her dreams.
  4. Find out her size. Take one of the rings she wears day to day and get it measured.  If you know which finger she wears it on that will help the jeweller get just the right fit.

Once you have these things figured out, you can move on to choosing the shape. 

Hopefully you will have a good idea which one to go for once you’ve done the first four points, but if you need more advice, that’s what we are here for!


Now we move on to the 5 C’s; clarity, colour, carat, cut and certificate.  Clarity refers to the blemishes (or lack thereof) that the Diamond has.  The key is to find one with as few inclusions and imperfections as possible.  The cut of the Diamond is often confused with the shape.  The standard of the cut is all about the quality of how the Diamond has been crafted and shaped.  How well it’s been done will hugely impact the price.  The colour is a fairly straightforward one and refers to how clear or discoloured the Diamond is.  The whiter it is, the higher its value.  Carats are, simply, what’s used to measure Diamonds.  When purchasing any Diamonds, always ensure you receive the correct certification, which will clarify the quality of your stone.


Your next choice is the ring metal.  This should be a straightforward one as she probably already wears the metal she favours on a daily basis, opting for Rose, White, Yellow Gold or Platinum. Read our Precious Metal Guide for more information on the qualities of each.


How much should you spend?  Traditionally the rule of thumb was three month’s salary, but use this as a ballpark figure rather than a definite amount.  The budget should be whatever you feel comfortable parting with.


Should I shop online or at a store?  It’s always good to have an idea of what you’re looking for so you don’t get talked into something you aren’t sure about on the day, but it’s great to go in and have an expert opinion and see some samples in the flesh.  Many of our clients choose bespoke design as a way of ensuring they get something that is perfectly unique.


Questions to ask once you’ve picked the perfect ring. 

  • Can it be easily resized? Hopefully if you’ve followed the guide you won’t need this option but it’s always good to find out.
  • If ethics are important to you and/or your partner, some jewellers like us at Roseanna Croft Jewellery offer Lab Grown Diamonds as a more sustainable (and cheaper) alternative to mined Diamonds.
  • How do I care for the ring? Different metals, Diamonds and stones all have different needs.  Getting this information will keep the ring looking as sparkly as possible for as long as possible.

Alternative Engagement Rings

Just because many choose Diamonds for an engagement ring doesn’t mean you have to.  Take a look at our Engagement Ring Trends blog for some different ideas.

There are plenty of other options for those that are less traditional.  If your other half is a timeless antique lover, consider a vintage engagement ring with a stunning stone setting.  The key is to always have your special someone in mind and the rest will follow.

If you are ready to pop the question why not get in touch to book a consultation and we will be with you every step of the way on your exciting journey to the rest of your life.

Love, Roseanna & Co x