What to Think About When Buying an Engagement Ring

Now you may think this is one of the scariest times in your life, but I want to reassure you that buying an engagement ring should be exciting and fun – do not let it stress you out.

Here are some things to think about when it comes to buying an engagement ring for your partner.

Diamond or No Diamond

Diamonds are ‘traditionally’ the centre stone in an engagement ring and what people generally think of when it comes to this symbol of love and commitment. Controversially though, diamonds aren’t your only option.


You could opt for a coloured gemstone such as her birthstone or something rare like the Padparadsha Sapphire like Princess Eugenie’s ring or a gemstone with that similar peach colour, Morganite.


The main pros of diamonds (apart from their beauty and value) are the fact they’re the hardest material in the world, making them very suitable to the everyday wear they will get in an engagement ring. If it’s a budget thing, lab-grown diamonds are also a great option, the only difference being their origin.


People are following tradition less and less these days – you make the rules, so go with what you feel in your gut is right (and whatever your partner will love most, obviously.)


Metal Colour

This is important, because people are more particular about which metal colour than gemstone, I find. Take note of the colour metals your partner already wears.


If they wear white metals, I’d opt for 18ct White Gold or Platinum.


If they wear yellow gold, I’d say you’re safe with 18ct Yellow Gold and same with 18ct Rose Gold. I’d say you’d notice if your partner loved rose gold because they have probably mentioned it – it’s been fashionable of late.


If you really have no idea (even after discussing with a jewellery designer) then I’d go for the safe option which is 18ct White Gold or Platinum.



Before you go into this, I would think about what your top budget it, a bit like buying a house – know what you would like to and can comfortably spend and make this clear with your jewellery designer. This just ensures you’re both on the same page and you don’t get quoted for a ring way out of budget. If you realise you can spend more further down the line and perhaps want a bigger diamond (or gemstone) then I’m sure whoever is making your ring will be accommodating.



Have you thought about buying a bespoke engagement ring? If you and your partner value uniqueness and having something special that no one else owns, I would say this is the route for you. It’s easy to buy from a high-street jewellery shop but I think what you will see is row after row of solitaires with four or six claws and different diamond sizes and your cousin’s neighbour probably has exactly the same ring.


I think what is special about buying a bespoke engagement ring is the love and thought that goes into the design – its your story and memories captured in a ring, how exciting is that?


This is what I mean by it should be exciting and fun, and designing a ring means you’re in control over every detail and will end up with the perfect engagement ring for your partner. If you have any questions or feel like this might be the path for you then please click the link below to book an initial, no-obligation consultation either in London, Derbyshire or virtually, with an expert jewellery designer.

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