Can Engagement Rings Be Rose Gold? 5 Tips On How To Propose

So you’ve been together a while, you’ve ticked off the all-important boxes (first fight, first making up, meeting the parents) and you’ve come to an important decision – you’re ready to pop the question. If you’ve been thinking about asking her to marry you but you’re wondering how to propose to your girlfriend or what ring to choose, we have some great tips.
Remember that your engagement is yours and no one can tell you the right way to do it. You don’t need to follow the old traditions if it doesn’t feel right. You don’t need to break the bank with a dinner at the fanciest restaurant – maybe a romantic picnic that you had your first midnight walk together at is a nicer way to propose. You don’t need a gold wedding band – maybe your partner prefers the pink tones of rose gold (after all, she’s the one who will be wearing the ring every day for the rest of her life so why not choose a colour she loves, tradition or not). And you definitely don’t need to film the moment on your phone – Facebook proposals are a dime a dozen these days!

That said, it’s normal to feel nervous and want a helping hand – and we’re happy to oblige. Here are our five top tips on how to propose.


1) Pick A Location Special To Both Of You

While couples in Hollywood movies are always popping the question in expensive restaurants or on the deck of luxury yachts, you don’t have to go to such extreme measures for the perfect proposal. One of the most romantic ways to propose to your girlfriend is to choose a location that means something to both of you. This could be the bar you went to for your first date or the first place you holidayed together. If it holds special memories for the two of you now, imagine proposing there!

2) Focus Your Efforts On Choosing The Right Ring

Gone are the days when you had to spend a certain salary multiplied on an engagement ring. You can spend whatever you like on an engagement ring – the most important thing is that it’s in your girlfriend’s style and unique to her. You’re not limited to choosing a gold, diamond ring either. Today’s engagement rings can be made of almost any metal, from rose gold to white gold or even platinum. You can choose any gemstone too, from traditional diamonds to colourful rubies, emeralds and sapphires. You could even add her birthstone to the engagement ring for a really personal touch.

3) Pay A Little Extra For Bespoke Ring Design

Picking out an engagement ring can be daunting, so why not get some help from the experts? We know it can be a challenge finding the perfect ring for the woman you love, so choosing a ring designer who will pay close attention to her personal style, body language and personality is key. We combine your ideas with our craftsmanship and experience to create something truly personal and special.

4) Whisk Her Away

The stresses and strains of modern life can make finding the perfect time to propose a challenge. Whisking your girlfriend away for a romantic weekend or holiday – either abroad or in the UK – is a great way to take the pressure off. Not only will you feel more relaxed about popping the question, you’ll also create some extra-special memories.

5) Don’t Worry About Ring Size

You don’t need to propose with the perfect-size ring! It’s something many people worry about. If you’re able to find out her ring size discreetly – great. If not, the two of you can have her engagement ring resized once she’s said Yes!

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Image source: Wikimedia