Celebrity Engagement Rings – Engagement Ring Inspiration

Are your looking for engagement ring inspiration to buy or design the perfect ring for your loved one? In this short blog let’s look at 5 gorgeous celebrity engagement rings to see styles that are on trend and inspire your miniature masterpiece.

Kate Middleton – Antique Sapphire Engagement Ring

Perhaps one of my favourites and an all-time classic, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is an oval sapphire with a halo of white diamonds set in yellow gold. It was originally selected by the late Princess Diana for her engagement to Prince Charles in the eighties and we’d day the style hasn’t aged a day.

This sapphire engagement ring would be a timeless and elegant design suited to a woman who likes the antique style.


Meghan Markle – Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring

We can’t mention Kate’s ring without also talking about Meghan Markle’s engagement ring. A cushion-cut diamond flanked by two round diamonds, taken from a brooch that also belonged to Princess Diana. The diamond was mined in Botswana as the couple were eager to find an ethically mined stone.

The trilogy engagement ring represents a couple’s past, present and future – a really romantic notion. A three stone ring is another classic style and there are so many options as to which gemstone colours and cuts you can use. Read more about trilogy engagement rings here.


Princess Eugenie – Padparascha Sapphire Engagement Ring

A padparadscha sapphire engagement ring that was designed between the couple once her now husband, had sourced for her. The padparadshca sapphire is a wonderful gemstone with a coral colour that reminds us of beach sunsets.


The ring has an almost antique style to it with how the diamonds are set around the beautiful sapphire, a design that we would say, is fit for a Princess!


Eva Longoria – Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring

Eva Longoria has a beautiful and unique ruby engagement ring, in a similar style to Kate Middleton’s with a halo of white diamonds. Ruby engagement rings are a wonderful way to symbolise love and passion in a relationship.


Good quality, large rubies are becoming very rare and can be as expensive if not more so, than diamonds when compared carat for carat.


Elizabeth Hurley – Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

A bold engagement ring with a step cut blue sapphire, flanked by two trillion diamonds. This is a sapphire to lust after at about 9ct carats and we imagine any woman would be over the moon proposed to with such a striking ring. 


Sapphires are an excellent engagement ring option because of their symbolism of loyalty and their stunning colours. The ring you choose obviously doesn’t have to be as big and bold as some of these styles but we hope you could gather some inspiration from these celebrities and an idea of what’s possible, not just for a diamond engagement ring but also using other precious gems. If you would like to discuss any of these designs further then please don’t hesitate to fill in our quick form to arrange an informal chat.