The True Cost Of Redesigning or Remodelling Jewellery in the UK

The True Cost Of Jewellery Remodelling

How much jewellery do you have lying in your jewellery box going to waste? Pieces you inherited from your grandmother or great aunt; pieces you wore in another chapter of your life but are attached to old meaning. The cost of jewellery redesign is not about money it is about what the jewellery means to you, meant to you, and can mean to you again. Remodelling your old jewellery is an investment in you and your life.

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What Is Jewellery Redesign?

Jewellery remodelling, simply put, is where we use your old jewellery to create something brand new OR recreate an old piece of jewellery to give it a new life.


A lady came to me recently with approximately 100g of gold in old charm bracelets and chains her ex husband had given her years ago. They still had some sentimental value, of course they did but she was in a new chapter of her life and wanted to make them appropriate. We made her a set including a statement gold bangle, necklace, and earrings all of which look spectacular together and she is excited to wear them again.


Last year I redesigned rings for two sisters who had inherited some of their grandmother’s jewellery and wanted something to wear everyday to remember her by. We made almost exact replicas of the jewellery they were given as they didn’t want to change it too much. The rings were just very worn and needed modernising a little. The result? Two rings that carry a loving memory of an important family member.


How Much Does Jewellery Remodelling Cost?

Precious Gemstones And Diamonds

You probably already have gemstones or diamonds which you want to be used as a part of your design and this helps massively towards the final investment as precious gems can come with a hefty price tag. Especially if we are talking about diamonds, rubies, or emeralds!


Gold And Precious Metals

You almost certainly have amounts of precious metals to put towards the final piece. We recommend you use the old metal you have as ‘credit’ against making the piece of jewellery in new metal.

Depending on the piece of jewellery this can make for a stronger and cleaner piece of jewellery due to the effects of melting old gold. This does mean you may have the cost of the difference between your old gold and new gold but depending on how much gold you have this could even itself out!



And then there is the hours that go into creating your piece of jewellery, from the design through to making the final masterpiece. If you decide you wish to use your old gold, then there will be extra labour hours that go into cleaning and melting your gold – talk to a jeweller you trust about the best options for you an your design.


I’d say to allow your jewellery redesign to start from £800-1000 and go to a jewellery designer or goldsmith with an rough budget in mind as this will ensure you’re both on the same page when it comes to creating your dream piece of jewellery.


I am sure you will agree with me that jewellery remodelling is about so much more than the cost and it is an investment in ourselves. It allows us to celebrate a chapter of our life and show it off in one of a kind (much like we are) jewellery we love.


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