Create Your Dream Engagement Ring From An Old, Precious Heirloom


A family heirloom that has been passed down to you is a precious and treasured possession. With unquantifiable sentimental value, it is natural to want to hang onto the piece, but it may no longer be in style or it might be of a fashion that does not suit your tastes. If it is outdated or it does not quite fit you, it may not be something you ever wear, despite your sentimental love for it. But did you know that a specialist jeweller can work with you to redesign your antique piece of jewellery into your dream engagement ring?

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How Does Jewellery Redesign Work?

When you have a piece of jewellery that you cannot wear because it does not harmonise with your style, because it does not fit you or simply because it is tarnished in some way, a specialist jeweller can work collaboratively with you to recreate the jewellery into a new piece.


How Much Work Can Be Performed On A Piece?

The redesign can involve simple and minor adjustments or it can entail an entire overhaul of the piece. For example, you may simply want your grandmother's antique engagement ring re-sized to fit you, which is a relatively simple adjustment. On the other hand, you might require a new ring to be made out of a diamond and gold necklace. This is more complex because it would involve melting down the gold before remodelling it, followed by setting the diamonds in the new piece to create your new dream engagement ring out of your old precious heirloom.


What Are The Advantages Of A Jewellery Redesign?

A jewellery redesign offers many advantages over simply buying a new ring. Firstly, it allows you to make the most out of an existing piece of jewellery that is not currently fulfilling its purpose. Secondly, your new, redesigned ring represents a combination of the sentimentality associated with your old item of jewellery and the limitless hope you have for your future. Most importantly, you will end up with a unique creation that is bespoke to you and your personal tastes.


What Are The Costs and Timings Of The Redesign?

Costs will vary depending on the amount of work involved, but it is important to note that new gold always costs more. However, creating a stunning engagement ring is an investment into the future. The redesign process tends to take around 8-12 week.

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