Cushion Cut Engagement Rings – Diamonds and Gemstones

Somewhere between the Round Brilliant cut and the Princess cut there is the softer, pillow-like Cushion Cut and cushion Cut Engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. Cushion cut gemstones give jewellery an antique and glamorous and despite people believing it is a modern cut, it has been around since the 18th century.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

There are a lot of famous cushion cut diamonds you may have heard of, including the blue Hope Diamond and yellow Tiffany Diamond (seen on Audrey Hepburn and Lady Gaga).

The modern cushion cut diamond was once known as an old-mine cut diamond and is one of the first cutting styles to be made popular many years ago. Because of how these diamonds are cut, they have more facets (58) and hide inclusions well.

Tip: cushion-cut diamonds are about 25% cheaper carat for carat than the round brilliant cut diamond.


Cushion Cut Gemstones

Most cushion-cut gems are square, but some are rectangular and this all depends on the piece of rough the stone is cut from and what the cutter sees as most suitable.

Because of how they are cut and the larger facets it means they show colour well and the style of cutting is well suited to coloured gemstones like Sapphires and Rubies.

If you are looking for a cushion-cut diamond engagement ring, we would advise they look beautiful with a halo of round diamonds or some accent shoulder stones such as pear cuts to add to the glamour.

Have a look at our cushion cut Tanzanite engagement ring here.


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A cushion-cut engagement ring, I think you will agree is a wonderful choice especially if your fiancée to be has a romantic, elegant sense of style. The cut suits a larger stone and, in our opinion, looks great in colour. To talk to one of our jewellery designers about the possibility of finding you a cushion cut gemstone for your engagement ring today.