Dear Younger Self


Sometimes we all need reminders to love yourself.

Whether it’s after a break up, after a health scare or another challenge that life throws us. We all need a reminder of how strong we are.
If we were to write a letter to our younger selves, what would it say…


Dear Younger Self,


You’re 28 now and have been through a lot, not only ex partners who did not treat you well but also many years of not treating yourself well. Not taking time for yourself, working yourself to the ground, not speaking up when needed.
What I want to tell you is it’s okay to love yourself, you are an incredibly strong and beautiful soul. Look at everything you have achieved and everything you have accomplished. The challenges you have overcome.
I know you sometimes feel undervalued, I know you sometimes feel worthless and you are scared you will never be good enough. I know you don’t know how to feel truly happy yet. But you’re embarking on a journey, a wild journey that will shape you into a strong woman who will go on to fulfil her goals and dreams and inspire others to do the same.
You will be a woman who creates beautiful jewellery, capturing special moments in people’s lives and celebrating stories and memories through precious metals and gemstones. You will be a woman who travels the world. You will be a woman who feels most alive in nature and is truly a free spirit.
And I promise you that you will love yourself, you will value yourself. You will have incredible friends who really do want what is best for you and you will live a live of freedom and passion. You will fall in love with the world.
Keep going, persevere and never give up. I promise the best is yet to come.
I’d like to give you this ring, as a token of my gratitude for your strength. To show you I love you, and so you know you are always valued. All you need is within you.


Love, Me x


‘Love, Me’ is more than just a ring.  It is a movement that champions women to choose themselves before anybody else.  We have entered an era of female empowerment.

It is a statement to the world that you are choosing to love yourself. It is a reminder to embrace and celebrate who you are.

The ‘Love, Me’ ring is a single, pear shaped lab- grown Diamond set in your choice of precious metal which you can read more about here.