How to Design an Engagement Ring: The Design Process

You know that a bespoke engagement ring is the choice for you but what you don’t know is how to go about designing an engagement ring. Really, its pretty straight forward and you don’t have to do a great deal, but I’ll lay out the steps for you, so you know what to expect when you come to take those first steps.

I like to be honest and transparent, every jewellery designer will have a different method on how they work so its best to check with the designer you decide to work with in case they differ to this, I don’t speak for all jewellery designers!

You can see a variety of my bespoke engagement ring designs through my website and on Instagram (as well as Pinterest and Facebook) so I am going to assume you have checked out my designs and think your future fiancée would love a ring made by myself! Maybe you met me at an event or know someone I have worked with in the past. You trust I will make you the perfect engagement ring, which is why you have contacted me! (This is always the first step!)


Step 2 – No Obligation, Initial Consultation

When you contact me, I will ask you some more information about what it is you require and suggest we have our first consultation. This will generally be on the phone in case you aren’t local to me or I am not in London that week (I currently design based in London and Derbyshire.)


In this phone call we will discuss things like gemstones, metals and your budget. Its quite important to have a budget in mind to begin with, even if its just a rough idea, because it gives us a starting point. For instance, if you want a 2ct Diamond engagement ring and have a budget of £5000, this isn’t going to happen and may need to increase your budget or decide if a 2ct diamond is really what you want.


Step 3 – The First Sketches

Once we have had our initial phone call, we meet in person (where possible) to begin sketching some ideas and refine your requirements (gemstones, metals, design elements and budgets).


If we can’t meet in person, I will do the sketches (probably over a coffee in some swanky London coffee shop or a glass of champagne – it’s for inspiration) and email you the images over.


Now the design process is under way, we’ll probably talk back and forth over email, WhatsApp or phone calls until we are both clear on what style of engagement ring we’re designing!


I will also give you a ballpark figure for what any of these sketches and ideas will cost you if you require it.


Step 4 – The 3D Design Stage

When we are clear on what we’re designing, I start the 3D design stage. 3D design is amazing. I work with one of the best software’s built for jewellery design to generate the best images. 3D design gives us the ability to see what the ring will look like (exactly) before we begin making it. At this stage, we can make any tweaks necessary.


At this point, I ask for your design deposit, which is only £100. (Price as of January 2020, this may change depending on when you’re reading this!)


This will all be done over email and with your 3D design, you will be sent the final quote so there are no surprises once the ring is made.


Around the same time as this is happening, if I am sourcing you a diamond or coloured gemstone for your engagement ring, we will be in discussion as to which is the perfect one for you with optional viewing. (Viewings of gemstones can be virtual or held in Derbyshire or London.)


Step 5 – Fall in Love All Over Again

Once you have decided on ‘the perfect engagement ring,’ you place your order and me and my team begin making it for you, keeping you up to date throughout the whole process and are always available to answer any questions you have.


Step 6 – Collection

Once your ring is back from being hallmarked in Edinburgh (I love this place and they offer an excellent service) your ring is complete!


I will be in touch and we will arrange to get the ring to you, whether that means we meet in person (Derbyshire or London) or I have the ring couriered to you.


There are some previous clients of mine whom I have never met and some who I would see on a weekly basis. The process is completely personalised to you but whichever way we do it, I guarantee it will be one of the most special experiences of your life and your future fiancée will thank you for it.


If you’re ready to take those first steps or want to learn more, please click the link below to get in touch!

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