Your Dream, Your Reality: Your Engagement Ring

The day of your engagement will be one of the best, and most nerve-wracking, of your life; when you get down on one knee, you need to be sure that the engagement ring is everything your partner has ever dreamed of. Your partner will wear this ring for life so it’s important you get the design just right.

Instead of browsing through collections of rings at a jewellers, why not opt for a bespoke engagement ring where you choose everything – the metal, the gemstone, the shape, and more.

A unique design

Out of the 7 billion people on the planet, you’ve chosen this one person to spend your entire life with; show them just how special they are to you with a completely unique ring design. From the band itself, to the detailing of the gems, every factor can be tailored to reflect your love and relationship.

You could always opt for an 18ct gold engagement ring; it has a timeless appearance, symbolic of your eternal love. Your design doesn’t have to be elaborate either; beautiful simple engagement rings will never go out of fashion, as long as they are chosen with care and love.

Choose a gemstone with meaning

The gemstone is the focal point of the engagement ring; it can be used to dazzle any onlookers, or simply fill your loved one with nostalgia and great memories every time they admire it.

A white gold princess cut engagement ring is a classic choice, ideal for partners who prefer subtle and elegant rings. If you want the ring to make more of a statement, then nothing grabs the eye more than an amethyst engagement ring with rose gold band; the pink undertones flatter any skin type and the purple amethyst gem is mesmerising to look at.

No design is off-limits

When it comes to designing your engagement ring, let your imagination run wild; no design is too intricate or complex for us to create. For instance, black diamond engagement rings might be considered unorthodox, but we will happily weave them into a ring design, reflecting your love for all things unconventional!

Even if you don’t know where to begin with the design, desperately searching the internet for ‘unique engagement ring styles’ or ‘are oval engagement rings popular?’, our jewellers can get your creative juices flowing. One thing is guaranteed: you’ll leave our boutique with a ring that you can’t wait to get down on one knee with! Contact us at Roseanna Croft Jewellery and embark on your journey of love today! Let's Talk