Diamond Alternatives by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

I love diamonds, they’re rare, classy and sparkly but they’re not always a possibility, so let’s talk Diamond Alternatives.

I don’t think many people I know would turn down a Diamond, their beauty and value. However, I know in these tricky economic times we can’t all afford Diamonds! And yes, I do know some people don’t even want one!


So, Diamond Alternatives.

If you’re adamant on a white stone in your engagement ring (or other jewellery) then there are a few! White Sapphire, White Topaz, Moissanite, Cubic Zirconia.


Diamond Alternative: Cubic Zirconia

Significantly cheaper than a Diamond, CZ’s come in every colour under the sun because they are man-made and they can look it. As a jeweller, unless there was no other option and both parties were on board, I’d steer clear from these because of their tag as a ‘fake diamond’ which isn’t what you want when people are admiring your beautiful jewels! However, most jewellery designers should be able to design something tasteful with any gemstone!


Diamond Alternative: Moissanite

A diamond created in a laboratory. Grown in exactly the same way as a natural diamond, with exactly the same chemical composition. A good alternative – some would argue it wasn’t even an alternative and it was in fact a Diamond! However, I’d much prefer a natural gemstone on my finger than one made in a lab.


Diamond Alternative: White Sapphire

This is personally my favourite diamond alternative! It’s 100% natural gemstone. On the Moh’s scale of hardness it’s a 9 (only Diamonds are above it at 10) making it very practical to wear everyday! And has a beautiful sparkle that can compete with a diamond in my eyes! Also a fraction of the price!


Diamond Alternative: White Topaz

A white gemstone full of character. Topaz is a natural, semi-precious gemstone and is most known in its blue form, although is found in an array of colours. Even more cost effective than White Sapphire and Moissonite and still ranks 7.5 on the Moh’s scale but can be prone to getting scratched and worn when the piece is worn every day.


All of these options of course could be upgraded in a few years!

And you may want to steer clear of a white gemstone all together and go for something completely different! Which we are very on board with!


Black Diamonds, Rough diamonds, Sapphires, a birthstone or other sentimental gemstone are all great White Diamond Alternatives!

Which would you choose!? Here at Roseanna Croft Jewellery we have access to some stunning gemstones in so many colours, cuts, shapes etc! Get in touch to make an appointment for your FREE design consultation and we’ll find the perfect Diamond Alternative for you!