Diamond and Gemstone Shapes for Your Engagement Ring – Part 1


Diamond and Gemstone Shapes for Your Engagement Ring – Part 1

In my eyes, there is so much more to an engagement ring than the Round Brilliant Cut diamond, as radiant as they are. Sometimes nothing beats a classic, but below are some more unusual diamond and gemstone shapes that may suit you and your personality better. In part one of this blog post I will be discussing round, oval and emerald cut gemstones.


Round Diamonds and Gemstones

With their perfect symmetry there is a reason round shapes are so popular in jewellery and engagement rings. Whether they are the centre stone in a cluster design, holding the main stage in a solitaire or set in the middle of a trilogy ring you can’t really go wrong with a round diamond or gemstone.

Today, gemstones are cut with laser precision but if you go back a century or two, they were cut by hand and designed to sparkle in romantic candlelight. In a diamond this is known as an ‘old cut diamond’ and they are filled with character. So, if you know you would like a round stone but are looking for something with more personality then why not consider these.


Oval Diamond and Gemstones

Oval diamonds and gemstones are very elegant and have a timeless look to them. A popular style you may recognise is an oval diamond or sapphire cluster ring with diamonds surrounding it. This is seen in Kate Middleton’s engagement ring and if it’s good enough for royalty then it’s good enough for us!

You can of course use an oval in a more contemporary style as it has a sleek, elongated look. I most recently set an oval diamond in a delicate Celtic style engagement ring for a customer, a modern take on a traditional style.


Emerald Cut Diamonds and Gemstones

The emerald cut diamond, known as an ‘octagon’ in other gemstones. A striking shape of gemstone suitable for a woman who oozes class.

The parallel facets are like a window that reflect stunning colours and light from the gems. The Emerald cut in my opinion is most suited to Art Deco style engagement rings with their linear structure, but you could also compliment their geometrical shapes with soft curves. Either way, this is a great choice for a totally unique engagement ring. If you would like to learn any more about these stunning diamond and gemstone shapes, then please fill in the contact form below and in Part 2 of this blog I will be discussing princess/square; cushion cut; pear/teardrop and marquise shaped gemstones.