Top 3 Tips When Buying a Diamond by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Top 3 Tips on Diamond Buying

So, it’s April, and you may want to buy that April baby some birthstone jewellery, luckily for them – it’s a Diamond. The most precious and lusted after gem in the world. Diamonds are classic, and come in all sorts of different cuts, colours and sizes. It all comes down to taste and budget. But with all of these different variations of Diamond, how do we know what kind of Diamond to buy!?


Here are 3 tips from professionals when it comes to Diamond buying:


Read up on the ‘4 Cs’

You need to decide which of these aspects is most important to you and your budget. If in doubt, seek professional advice and compare a few Diamonds. (This is only a brief guide, we will post a more in depth guide later in the month!)

  • Cut – This refers to how the angles on the facets reflect the light which enhances the overall appearance. Excellent, is the best cut.
  • Colour – Colourless Diamonds are rated highest in value, being ‘D’ on the scale, which ranges from D – Z. The different colours are mainly only visible to a trained eye but the difference makes a huge impact on price.
  • Clarity – Quality here ranges from ‘Flawless’ to ‘Included’. Inclusions are ‘imperfections’ in the Diamond caused when the Diamond is formed. Again, a lot of the time only visible under a microscope or by a trained eye but impact the price.
  • Carat – Diamonds are weighed in carats, which relate to the size of them. A 1carat Diamond, if cut well, normally measures about 6mm.



If your Diamond ‘comes with a certificate’ make sure it is issued by a reputable Diamond Grader, such as the GIA. A certificate will give you all the information on the 4Cs and whether the Diamond has had any treatment to enhance its colour or clarity.


Choose a trained jeweller

Just as you would a doctor or mechanic, make sure they have credentials. You need a jeweller who can advise you on the best decision to make when it comes to the above and not a jeweller who will just flog you the most expensive! Buying a Diamond is a big investment and should be an exciting time. We want you to make the most informed decision! We have Diamond specialists on our design team and would love to assist in buying that PERFECT Diamond.