Diamond Cuts and Their Perfect Wedding Ring Partners – Pear, Asscher and Marquise

The Pear, Asscher and Marquise Shaped Diamond.

You’ve got your dream engagement ring, but now how to find the perfect wedding ring to fit around it and showcase it’s beauty? We’ve laid out for you some of the most popular engagement ring Diamond cuts and given you some tips on the style of wedding ring that fits best! Read on below….

Pear Cut

The pear cut Diamond is a timeless, vintage cut that represents an emotional bond or connection.  Like a round brilliant cut, it’s known for its high sparkle.  Shaped like a tear drop and combining the best attributes of round and 

Pear, Asscher and Marquise Cut Diamondsmarquise cut, the pear cut is a perfect representation of the concept that Diamonds are icy and flow like water.  Because it is long in shape, it can elongate the finger and make it look more slender.  Because of their shape, symmetry is particularly important, as is the placement of any inclusions. 

A pear cut engagement ring works superbly with a sunburst ring.  It perfectly frames the curves of the bottom of the teardrop, and you can even add a wishbone ring above to accent the point of the pear.


Asscher Cut

The asscher cut Diamond dates back to the early 20th century when jewellery and Diamond cutter, Joseph Asscher, developed the design in his Amsterdam atelier.  This new design coincided with the birth of the Art Deco movement.  One of the most famous Diamonds of all time was worn by Elizabeth Taylor and was an astounding 33.19 carat asscher called the ‘Krupp Diamond”. The asscher cut Diamond has 72 facets, which are larger and wider set; three rows on top and three on the bottom. The elegant step design draws your eye to the centre of the stone, which both captivates and mesmerises anyone whose gaze it catches.

An asscher cut engagement ring works beautifully with a simple straight band that can fit underneath. You can go for a Diamond set band or plain precious metal, and just let the complex asscher Diamond be the star. 


Marquise Cut

The marquise cut Diamond is thought to have been commissioned by King Louis XIV of France to remind him of the perfect shaped mouth and smile of his love, the Marquise de Pompadour.  The Diamond is an elongated shape with pointed ends, and offers a unique setting for a striking engagement ring.   A marquise Diamond is cut to maximise its carat for carat weight, by giving a larger looking stone and longer surface area.  Marquise Diamonds work beautifully as a central stone in a dazzling engagement ring.

The best wedding ring for a marquise engagement ring depends on how the Diamond is set.  If it’s horizontal, it works well with a small ring both above and below that frames the gemstone perfectly.  If its vertical it looks best with a simple band underneath or on top, one that doesn’t take away from the complexity of the cut.

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Love, Roseanna & Co x