Diamond and Emerald Engagement Ring Redesign by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Diamond and Emerald Engagement Ring Redesign Story…

Last year Roseanna Croft Jewellery was recommended to a lady whose engagement ring had previously been crushed, along with it her love for it.

The precious ring had been given to her but through faulty metal and/or manufacture it had been deformed and eve though it was repaired, it just didn’t feel the same to her anymore. I can imagine that feeling, it wouldn’t feel like the same ring I imagine.

So, she came to me and spoke about redesigning it as she is due to get married and wants it to be perfect – understandable.

She had some rings in the family, left by her grandmother and wished to incorporate these. We had a few initial meetings over Skype and I did a few sketches for her. We bumped into each other at wedding fairs, they came to visit me in Bakewell, and the excitement of her new ring grew! This had turned into an amazing redesign project.


We had 5 old cut Diamonds and a beautiful green Emerald to use…

We also decided we were going to use the original diamond from her ring in her fiancé’s wedding ring which I think is a lovely idea.

The style my client loves is quite delicate and unique, so I came up with an unsymmetrical cluster shape for the engagement ring which is really unusual, and she loved it! Her diamonds and gemstones were quite large which made it difficult to keep it delicate, but we kept the band of the ring fine which helped give the desired effect.

After my lovely client expressed her happiness at the 3D design, I then told her it would be possible to have it made for Christmas, she was over the moon – I got to work!


I just loved making this ring because of how unusual it is and it really goes to show you don’t need to stick to tradition when it comes an engagement ring. They made a trip to the boutique and a drive around the Peak District the weekend before Christmas to collect it and it was huge smiles all around! (Apart from her poorly little boy who was snuggled up in his pushchair!)

I am already having so many creative ideas for their wedding bands which I can’t wait to get started on this year!

Do you still love your engagement ring? Or do you have inherited jewellery you don’t know what to do with? You have the ability to create a piece of jewellery you love. Something you love to wear and love to show off. Want to know how to get started? Use the contact form and our designer will get in touch with you as soon as possible to get the bespoke design experience flowing.