A Diamond Jewellery Redesign Story for April


A Diamond Jewellery Redesign Story for April

Did someone say it’s the month of the diamond? Where does time go! I wanted to share with you the story of diamond jewellery redesign; unworn diamond earrings and what we turned the beauties into – its amazing what you can you with skill and imagination!


A Diamond’s History

But first, a little about the diamond. Diamond is the birthstone for those lucky April babies and if you’re searching for engagement rings you’ve probably learned a lot about diamonds, including the 4C’s and it has probably baffled you with everything there is to know! However, lets look at the history of the diamond and show you why their sparkle and brilliance has captured the hearts of jewellery wearers for centuries.

Diamonds are billions of years old and it thought that diamonds have been traded in India since the fourth century BC and spoken of as not only the most valuable gemstone but the most valuable thing in the world.

Known as the ‘love’ stone, it was believed that cupid’s arrow was tipped with a diamond, so it’s no wonder we fall for them over and over again! As you can see Diamonds have been linked to love almost since forever, making them the perfect gemstone for engagement rings and bespoke jewellery gifts.


The Diamond Jewellery Redesign

So, a customer of mine came to me with various pieces of diamond jewellery but mainly a pair of diamond drop earrings. These earrings in themselves were beautiful but she no longer wore them and wanted to make something with them that she could wear every day. (I’ve searched high and low but unfortunately cannot find a photo of them to show you.)

Her son was also about to propose so she wanted to use the two biggest diamonds for his engagement ring and use some of the smaller ones for a ring for herself.

This was a wonderful project to work on, working with mother and son on two separate designs, both with entirely different tastes.

For her, I created a simple diamond eternity ring that matched her tennis bracelet. Crafted in Platinum this is such a simple and elegant design.

And for her son, I created this contemporary two stone engagement ring using the larger of the many diamonds, separating them with a row of pave set diamonds.


This jewellery redesign project was wonderful, and I really loved seeing what we could make from some unworn earrings that were just gathering dust in a jewellery box! Have you looked at the jewellery in your jewellery box recently and think you could put some of those unworn diamonds to better use? Contact me today to discuss over a coffee either online or in my London or Derbyshire addresses.

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