Different Gemstone and Diamond Shapes for Your Engagement Ring – Part 2


Different Gemstone and Diamond Shapes for Your Engagement Ring – Part 2

Following on from my last article about gemstone and diamond shapes for your engagement ring I wanted to follow up with the princess cut/square; cushion cut; pear/tear drop and marquise. Some perhaps more unique shapes that certainly step away from ‘the norm.’


Princess Cut and Square Gemstones

Another classic, with an edge! The princess cut suits a strong and chic woman and is more popular than any other ‘fancy’ shape diamond. A princess cut diamond sits favourably in a clean and simple design but can also be a showstopper in a more elaborate style.

In our ‘Margot’ engagement ring, I have complimented a Princess Cut Yellow Sapphire with smaller yellow sapphires and diamonds to give a delicate and vintage feel to this timeless stone.

(Note: Princess cut is the name given to a style of cut for square diamonds and gemstones, this design gives the precious gemstone more sparkle!)


Cushion Cut Diamonds and Gemstones

Perhaps one of my favourites this style is one of the oldest around and looks incredible set in a vintage or antique engagement ring style. It has a pillow-y resemblance (hence the name) and is a mix between a round stone and a square stone.

Cushion cut stones have more fire than found stones which makes them so popular and some coloured gemstones especially look incredible cut in this way to show off their depth of colour (such as Morganite!)

(Fact: cushion cut diamonds used to be known as old mine cut diamonds which was one of the first cutting styles known to man.)


Pear or Teardrop Shape Gemstones

A great choice for a lady who loves to stand out from the crowd perhaps with a romantic style. Pear shaped diamonds and gemstones are great for elongating the wearers finger and have a wonderful brilliance.

They are well known for hiding inclusions and look amazing with a halo of diamonds around them. I am picturing a pear-shaped Emerald in yellow gold with a diamond halo…


Marquise Cut Diamonds and Gemstones

Like the pear cut, and maybe even more so, this is designed to make people say ‘wow.’ For a woman who knows her own mind and likes to make an entrance. It is a modern cut with 58 facets and is rarely seen in engagement rings, which makes it perfect if you are looking for something different.

Be careful of the points though and ensure when having it set you consider a setting to protect them, especially if it is going to be worn all the time. I have a striking marquise cut Amethyst ring that I have unfortunately lost the point to because I wear it all the time, but it is massively sentimental and looks fantastic with any outfit.

While these cuts and shapes of gemstones and diamonds do not cover the whole spectrum of choice available to you, this covers a handful of the most popular choices. There are more unusual stones such a heart, kite, lozenge, and unique custom cut gemstones.

When cutting a diamond or gemstone, the cutter examines the pieces thoroughly and chooses the style of cut that will get the absolute most out of the stone, an art in itself.

If you have decided or are still deciding which gem would suit your engagement ring best, then fill in the form and let’s have a chat about your requirements and the type of lady you’re buying for. Remember your engagement ring does not have to be what you have seen on the high street, dare to be different.

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