Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

The classic way to say ‘I love you,’ is with a diamond solitaire engagement ring. It will never go ‘out of fashion’ and will always look elegant on her finger. There is a lot to think about when designing (or choosing) your diamond solitaire, but first, a little history.

The first ever diamond engagement ring on record is in the 1400’s when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave one to Mary of Burgundy to signify their engagement. Yep, that’s a long time ago. This then influenced the higher classes to give a diamond ring to their loved one when about to get married, and so the beginning of a tradition. But when did the diamond solitaire first come about?


History of a Diamond Solitaire

In the early 1800’s we can see they used rose cut diamonds in engagement rings and thanks to Queen Victoria, snake rings set with a single diamond became popular as a symbol of never-ending love.

In 1938 De Beers came up with the slogan ‘A Diamond is Forever’ and from this day, a diamond has been linked with a proposal and the tradition grew rapidly from there.

Tiffany & Co then perfected the 6 claw solitaire setting and have become famous for it, lifting the diamond off the band which allows light to enter from beneath the stone. 


Designing a Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Even though Tiffany & Co ‘perfected’ the 6 claw setting, wouldn’t it be a shame if we all wore the same style of engagement ring. And this is where bespoke jewellery design comes into its own.

You can truly make an engagement ring yours and maybe add pave set diamond shoulders to the centre or choose a unique setting other than a claw setting. How about using a fancy shape diamond such as marquise diamond for a modern look or cushion cut for an antique look?


The possibilities don’t end there though. Recently, we designed a solitaire for an Asscher cut diamond and have included a secret detail that only the couple know about on the bezel holding the stone. So truly romantic and telling their unique story.

Another thought, do you even have to have a diamond engagement ring? Why not consider a sapphire engagement ring or a lesser known gemstone such as spinel?

Whatever you choose to do, working with a bespoke jewellery designer can help you to really make the most out of such a special occasion and will ensure you don’t end up with the same engagement ring as your next door neighbour.

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