Emerald Engagement Ring

An Emerald engagement ring is an excellent choice for many reasons, but I will start with its symbolism. Emeralds represent love and new beginnings and if that isn’t a reason to choose this for your centre stone then I don’t know what is.

Where Emeralds are Sourced

Emeralds have a certain ‘wow’ factor about them, especially if its originating source is the Muzo mine in Colombia, where all the best Emeralds are found. Their bright colour catches the eye and suits itself to most women’s styles.

Emerald is a member of the Beryl family and gets its bright green colour from elements such as chromium, vanadium and iron.

They can also be found in places such as Italy, Zambia, Brazil and Australia.


History of Emeralds

The first Emeralds were thought to have been mined by the Egyptians and were sold in Babylon markets from 400BC.

Emerald is a gemstone of the heart and embodies compassion and unconditional love. It is said to have been dedicated to Venus, the Goddess of Love, in ancient times.


How to Choose an Emerald Engagement Ring

Pure green emeralds or those with a hint of blue are among the finest Emeralds and those that are flawless are extremely rare. Most Emeralds have visible blemishes and inclusions which in some cases can make them appear cloudy.

Carat for carat, the finest of Emeralds could be more valuable and therefore more expensive than a diamond.

Some Emeralds are subjected to a treatment called oiling which has been used for many years to enhance the appearance of the gemstones. Treatments should be disclosed to you, but many Emeralds are oiled to hide the look of inclusions and blemishes.

We would not recommend buying a stone that has been treated with glass or resin and make sure if buying a stone that has been oiled you are told how to care for it properly.

All in all, Emeralds are a wonderful choice for an engagement ring but as with all gemstones you need to be careful when wearing it. They score 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of hardness which is 10x lower than Ruby or Sapphire and means they’re prone to scratching and can break if hit on an inclusion.

Emeralds in our opinion work best in 18ct yellow gold as the colour harmonises wonderfully with the green of the Emerald but also, gold is more malleable than platinum, therefor it is easier to set the gem.

Set your Emerald in a trilogy with Diamonds each side or a halo of Diamonds, you can see some of our Emerald engagement ring designs over on our Instagram page.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding Emeralds or creating you a bespoke engagement ring. Fill in the form below and Roseanna will be in touch.

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