Bespoke Emerald Ring by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Design brief: Diamond and Emerald Ring set in 18ct White and Yellow Gold.

In the summer of this year I had a lovely lady and her daughter come to our Bakewell boutique to discuss an Emerald ring design for her other daughter.

Many years ago, my client and her husband had bought their daughter’s an Emerald each, to be made into rings when they turned 18. It was about to be the younger daughter’s 18th birthday so we had to get started on creating her present. My client and her eldest daughter, brought me the other Emerald ring to view, asking if we could make something similar but not the same. This Emerald ring was gorgeous so I thought, to not mess with the design too much, lets reverse it!

As you can see in the images I took the same elements and just designed them in a different manor for the new Emerald ring.

This Emerald was so beautiful and unique because of its ‘imperfections’. In Emeralds, these are often called ‘jardin’ which is French for garden! The Emerald had an almost clear inclusion which really made the stone stand out.

I just loved creating this piece because of what it meant to my client and their family. There is so much sentiment in jewellery and I’m a huge romantic at heart!

Once our client picked the ring up, she was so pleased! She left us an amazing review for express her happiness.

Roseanna designed and made a beautiful emerald and diamond ring for our daughter’s 18th birthday. It is a gorgeous piece and I would highly recommend Roseanna to anyone wanting a unique, bespoke item of jewellery.”

Have you got a bespoke design idea that you would like to be made into reality? You can read more about this intricate process here and begin this magical journey.