Which Engagement Ring Will Suit Me?

Which Engagement Ring Would Suit Me?

With so many styles of engagement rings to choose from, it is never going to be easy finding the one that will sit on your finger for the rest of your life. At Roseanna Croft Jewellery it is our job to make this experience effortless for you. We will help you pick the diamond shape, materials and design of your dream engagement ring to match your style and personality.

We have compiled a fun and playful list of engagement ring styles below so you can start dreaming up a one of a kind bespoke engagement ring that matches you perfectly. Once you are ready to begin your design experience, simply contact us to make an appointment.


The Classic Princess

We can all be a bit of a princess at times but for those who want a touch of elegance and femininity in their engagement ring then a princess cut diamond is for you. This square shaped design boasts the same fire and brilliance of its round counterpart but has four pointed corners for that extra touch of flair. If you are someone with a bit of modern sensibility and a love for all things sparkly, then the classic princess cut diamond engagement ring might just be the one for you. 


The Vintage Inspired

There’s a reason vintage engagement rings continue to be on trend and it’s not just because of their unique and romantic finish. The free-flowing forms and rustic nature of vintage engagement rings are perfectly designed for brides who like to have some romance and history behind their jewellery. They are destined for a rural barn or forest tipi wedding to pair with their vintage ring, whether it be one handed down through generations or a brand-new design created with a vintage aesthetic in mind.


The Timeless Solitaire

For the traditionalist who doesn’t want all the extra frills, the classic solitaire diamond engagement ring is for you. If you’ve never been one for trends and prefer to lean towards the things that never go out of style, then the simplicity and sophistication of the classic solitaire is ideal. Usually claw set with a simple metal, all the focus is on the diamond with no need for any extra fuss but for a subtle touch of feminine elegance, a solitaire diamond looks gorgeous set on a rose gold band.


The Quirky and Colourful 

Stand out from the crowd and say no to conformity with a bright coloured gemstone engagement ring. There is nothing more special than picking a coloured gemstone to sit in the centre of the ring that you will wear on your finger for the rest of your life. Whether you have a favourite gemstone, a birthstone of choice or just a particular colour with a special meaning, then a bespoke coloured gemstone engagement ring is going to be perfect for you. For the bold and daring bride who likes to be a little different, add a ruby, sapphire or other precious gemstone to your engagement ring.


The Glamourous Emerald

Are you the picture of glamour with a proud love of all things luxurious? If so, then the royally glamorous emerald cut diamond engagement ring might just be the one for you. The elongated shape and step-cut faceting not only exudes an unmissable sparkle but a regal elegance that only the most confident of women can pull off. The simple fact that goddesses like Beyoncé and Grace Kelly wore emerald diamond engagement rings says it all.


Redesigned Engagement Ring

We all deserve to own something completely one of a kind and what better way to show off your individuality than with a bespoke re-designed engagement ring. Whether you have been handed down an older piece that needs some improvement, you’re bored of your current setting or you want to make a pre-owned ring more your style, then get it redesigned with a trusted designer like Roseanna Croft Jewellery. Bring your personality to life through your engagement ring, no matter if you’re the princess type, the traditionalist or the glamorous, make your dream engagement ring a reality.


Are you about to get engaged but don’t know which ring you’d love? Our design specialists can talk you through styles, show you examples and help you choose the perfect ring for you (or your fiancee!)

Simply get in touch through the form below or email enquiries@www.roseannacroftjewellery.com and one of our designers will be in touch to arrange your consultation.