Engagement Announcement Ideas

Engagement season is most definitely upon us, and I’m sure that if your social media feed isn’t already full of engagement announcements it soon will be. 

In an age of instant news it can be tempting to just send a group what’s app or update your status on Facebook, but as this is such a special, once in a lifetime moment, we thought we would put together some ideas of how to make that all important announcement.

Say it with a selfie –

You may be in a secluded spot or just want to be in control of what your announcement image looks like, so why not do a selfie?  Most of us have perfected our perfect angle and getting a shot straight away will more than likely capture the joy and emotion of your special moment.


Let your ring be the star –

An absolute life saver if your eyes are puffy from happy tears and you aren’t camera ready, plus most people are dying to see your beautiful ring, so let it be the star of the show!


Be Prepared –

If your proposal is going to be spectacular or you just want to capture the exact moment you proposed, set a camera up ready.  You will love looking back at this and having the memories come flooding back.


Make it a family affair –

Gone are the days when we are expected to follow a certain life pattern. Engaged, marriage, kids is not always the way it goes.  If you have children let them get involved.  It will make it a truly memorable moment for the whole family.


Coffee and kisses –

We’ve all had our name spelt wrong on a takeaway coffee cup, why not get the barista to write the announcement for you! A lovely, warming, wintery way to tell your nearest and dearest your news.


Share your story –

The lovely part of social media is that there are instant and varied ways to share important news to all your closest friends and family easily.  Unfold do beautiful templates for you to create a gorgeous bespoke story with text and pictures so you can show everyone the special moment.  Just don’t forget to save it to your camera roll!


You’re invited –

As much as we love social media, when it comes to moments like this more and more people prefer to keep things more private.  Why not arrange an engagement party or dinner and tell everyone through the invites?  Not only will they be really excited to be part of the celebrations, they will also appreciate being privy to something not everyone else has already seen.


As with most things, everyone has their personal preference.  Some will wait to tell their loved ones face to face, others just want to shout it from the rooftops to anyone who will listen!  If you have made your perfect announcement and are ready to start planning your wedding (eek!), why not contact us so we can design you some truly unique and personal wedding rings.



Roseanna & Co x