Redesign Your Engagement and Eternity Ring

Redesigning Jewellery from a Divorce

Many women have asked me ‘what can I do with my engagement ring now I’m getting divorced?’ And even though it is a really difficult time, this can offer somewhat of a positive release. Redesigning your wedding, engagement and eternity ring can give your jewellery new meaning and celebrate a chapter of your life in your own way.

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A few months ago a wonderful lady I know came to me asking what we can do with her engagement and eternity ring now she was getting a divorce. She wanted a ring that represented her; her style and personality. A ring that made a statement.

Her engagement ring was a trilogy and had a princess cut in the centre flanked by two trillion diamonds, a unique ring in itself. Her eternity ring was channel set with round diamonds and because she was retelling old memories we also added in a diamond from her Nan’s engagement ring.

Because she wanted to make a statement we decided on a contemporary design that incorporated the diamonds on different ‘levels’ with two yellow gold bands and a platinum band in the centre. Spreading the diamonds out with in a ‘random’ design gives the ring a sparkle all over and really gave the ring the show-stopping look we were aiming to create.


At the same as we redesigning her engagement ring we also melted down weddings that she had inherited from loved family members and created her two 22ct gold rings that she could wear together that gave the contemporary, chunky statement she so loves.

Anything is possible when it comes to jewellery redesign, whether you’re redesigning jewellery from a divorce or its jewellery you have inherited from loved ones, its a wonderful experience because it gives you a chance to tell your story, give jewellery a new chapter and bring the good memories back to life.

If you have some jewellery you’d like to chat about having remodelled then please fill in our contact form and one of our designers will be in touch no have a no-obligation chat where we can answer all your questions and give you some initial sketch ideas.


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