5 Amazing Engagement Ring Setting Styles You Can’t Go Wrong With

Over the centuries, there has been a real development in the design of engagement rings. This progression has seen over 17 separate styles of ring produced to choose from. This is obviously a good thing in terms of finding a ring that suits you but can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Choosing the right style of engagement ring is very important though, as it will impact how the ring looks and what cut of a diamond is best to use in it.

To help make it a little easier to find the perfect bespoke ring for your partner, we take a look at 5 of the best styles you cannot go wrong with.

1) Diamond Solitaire

One all-time classic style of ring is the diamond solitaire. This style of engagement ring has been a firm favorite for many years due to its striking look and elegant feel. This style showcases the diamond contained in the ring to stunning effect which makes the stone you choose crucial. Not only should you think about how clear and bright your diamond is but also what cut you think would work best.

Have a look at the Roseanna Croft Jewellery diamond solitaire ‘Flora’ with unique claws inspired by petals.

2) Pave Setting

If you want your engagement ring to sparkle continuously and really stand out, then a pave setting is for you. This type of ring exudes decadence as the ring surface is covered in brilliant diamonds. This works well to complement one larger gemstone at the centre of your engagement ring. It is possible to choose any stone you like to go into this type of ring but many opt for closely set diamonds or a colour gradient of sapphires for a truly magical effect.

3) Three Stone Rings

One popular choice that you might not have come across before is three stone rings. As the name suggests, these have three different sorts of gemstone in them to represent the past, present and future of your relationship. This setting is naturally very romantic and perfect for an engagement ring. This is a versatile setting, as you can arrange the stones how you like, choosing diamonds or precious gems.

4) Halo Rings

A dazzling halo set ring sees the central diamond circled by a selection of pave diamonds. This not only gives the ring a luxurious feel but helps to set the centre stone off a treat. This type of engagement ring setting first came to prominence in the 1920s and is still very popular today. The cut of the main diamond is crucial to this setting working well.

5) Bezel Setting

One of the most well-loved ring styles is the bezel setting. This is a very practical style of ring which offers a modern feel. The bezel design protects the central stone from damage and also prevents snagging on machinery, clothing or scratching a young child! The major choice here is whether to go for a partial bezel, which only covers a section of the stone, or a full bezel, which only leaves the top on show.

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