Filigree Engagement Ring

A filigree engagement ring tells tales of romance and mystery and for me, filigree is a style I have admired since the beginning of my training.

I remember at college we were asked to design a collection as our final project and without knowing much about filigree at all I leaned towards a collection filled with swirling, romantic patterns. Not long after on a holiday to Malta I discovered filigree was a fine form of art and spent hours watching very skilled craftsmen and women create stunning pieces of jewellery with fine threads of metal.

Since then, when given the opportunity, I love to add a filigree design into my bespoke and one of a kind pieces of jewellery. I love how each curve flows into the other, it reminds me of rolling waves in the ocean or fantastical ‘elven’ designs.

I recently made this Aquamarine engagement ring with filigree shoulders that I designed upon being asked if we could mix it in with some inspiration from Hong Kong. This has become one of my favourite designs of the last 5 years.

Two years ago, I also made this unique wedding ring with filigree and diamonds after conversations back and forth with my customer. Filigree isn’t for everybody, some prefer a more bold and contemporary style but when I am given the opportunity to, I could draw filigree patterns all day. I have dreams of going back to Malta to learn the traditional filigree methods, I still have some of the jewellery I bought there 10 years ago.

I recently designed this Emerald and Diamond engagement ring with filigree and this Green Tourmaline and diamond filigree engagement ring. The intricate details add delicacy to large coloured gemstones and extra glamour to diamonds.

Your engagement ring should be a miniature masterpiece and that is what I endeavour to create, whether you would love a filigree engagement ring or prefer a different style.

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